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Age - 18. That's right. I can buy pr0n, cigarettes, vote, and get legally executed! PIMP.
Country - USA. Woot. *waves flag*
Likes - Martial Arts. Yum.
Dislikes - I don't like dieing. It's a bit uncomfortable and it kinda tickles.
Watching - Advent Children... Why am I not that awesome?
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oni-con, Micro-management and You

Aaron and I went on a crazy organization rampage and micromanaged the hell out of Oni-con. This post is for Annie, Nick (who I see as represented by Annie), Patterson and Aaron (though he already knows all this...)

Here are the announcements that I wrote up for us.

Ok. Be ready at 4pm. We'll be picking you (Annie and Patterson) up AT 4 o'clock so be ready. We'll load everything up and do whatever last minute things that might arise and then we're leaving at 4:30pm. Eat before we leave.

We're going to bring a little stove thingy and a cooler for food so we won't have to buy it at the con. I think it would be a good idea to have everyone donate $5 to the Food Fund, so that's $25, enough to last us a weekend? Maybe? I dunno, 5 of us >.> Anywho, Annie and I are going to go food shopping. Well, depending on Annie's schedule, it might just be me shopping. Whatever. I'll bring the receipt when we all get together at 4 and whoever would be so kind as to refund me for some of the expenses can do so at that time.
So far the list has the follow:
Skillet meals.
Message me with amendments. Or, leave a comment >.>...

Recipe: Ramen
Requires Cooking: 55

Use: Restores 50 health every 2 seconds. If you remain eating for five minutes you become well-fed and gain 8 stamina. Lasts five minutes.

Driving arrangements have changed. Due to the fact that I will spaz out and DIE in Houston traffic, Aaron is going to be doing the driving. So he will show up at my house at 3:30 with his car and then we'll go pick up Patterson and Annie (Nick will be driving up later by himself) and return back to my house, load shit up, take care of last minute things and then off we go.

Stuff you need to bring: Cash. There will be an ATM in the hotel, but if you don't have an ATM card, bring yo' cash. Bring cosplay outfits or whatever weird things you're going to wear. Bring gaming/WoW shirts. We're all going to geek out. If you've got any food or sodas you want to donate to our rations, bring those. Whatever else you want to bring... I don't care. As long as we can fit it in Aaron's car. Because if we run out of room, someone's getting ganked and thrown on the side of the road...

This is important. Bring your cell phones and don't forget your chargers! Cell = contact with each other in case of separation and a source to tell time in case we need to meet somewhere... Like at an event >.> Imagine that...

- Cash
- Cell phone
- cell phone charger
- Cosplay/Outfit/Gaming shirts
- Food/Drink (if you have any)

Just a side note: Tylenol or that gross pink stuff Annie drinks, Pepto-blahblah, would be a good thing to bring too.

Again: Be ready at 4. Not 4:05. Not 'I-just-gotta-pack-my-underwear-and-dry-my-hair-and-feed-the-elephant-I'll-be-done-in-a-second' at 4. Four, kiddies. Woot for micro-management >.>

Check out is at noon on Sunday so we'll need to get all our crap out of the room, skip-run down to the car in the parking garage and load our crap up, then we can spend how ever long we want in the con until they kick us out or until we get bored.

So what did we learn?
Be ready at 4.
Aaron is driving.
Bring money.
Be ready at 4.
Bring rations.
Bring strange outfits.
Check out is at noon.
Be ready at 4.

The end.






For any questions about the con itself, visit Teh Oni-con Site and surf around there. There's also a link to the Hilton's site on that page.

A++! Would assassinate again! =D
(> ")>

The follow is an itinerary that Aaron wrote up. Print it out. Staple it to your face. Bleed. Be ready at 4.

Warning: It's in geek-speak. Matt, if you need help translating ask me on MSN.

Cell phone numbers were on the itinerary, but for obvious security purpose I left them off of the internet post >.> Aaron is printing out a handy-dandy copy for everyone and they will be on that copy.

OniCon 2006 Itinerary

Morning -Aaron and Jenny get paychecks and cash them.
3:30pm -Aaron arrives at Jenny's and they depart to pick up Annie and Matt.
4:00pm -By this time, everyone is at Jenny's and preparing for the trip.
4:30pm -TO HOUSTON!!

5:45pm -We pull into the Hilton and unload. We'll check in and inhabit the room, rest for a bit, and head to the Con!
6:15pm -First Day of OniCon: [Insert Awesomesauce Here]
Night -We'll nab some snacks (aka dinner) and either party all night or get some shuteye, whichever your preference.

Morning -At this point we'll either be exhausted from our late-night partying, or we'll be just waking up. Time to grab some grub and chow down to start the day off right.
-Second Day of OniCon: [Insert Awesomersauce Here]
Night - Annie and Nick depart for home after the 1337est OniCon experience ever. The rest of our party can three-man the con until we wipe. We'll make sure to steal a meal here and there to keep us going.

Morning -The third and final day of the con begins. At this point, we scour the place for anything we forgot to loot during the run, and then head back to pack up our stuff.
Noon -We check out of the hotel about mid-day. Head to the con and make our last purchases. We can munch some lunch either beforehand or afterwards, but we'll probably move out before it closes.
2:00pm - Leave Houston and enjoy the ride home.
3:00pm - Arrive in Lake Jackson.

The end.


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