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Age - 18. That's right. I can buy pr0n, cigarettes, vote, and get legally executed! PIMP.
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Sunday, September 25, 2005

La de da and Woohoo

I got to ride a moped. And drive a '79 corvette. It. Was. Sexy. O.O God, I was pimpin'. You guys wish you were half as cool as me. It was awesome. I'm over at my Uncle Ed's house out in the country. It's fun. I'm still in Chicago. Mom got here from Hawaii today. They had a flight to Houston and Dad went from there to the house to check up on stuff and mom caught a flight to Chicago to pick me up. Apparently she had a great time. She bought stuff for everyone. XD Annie, you've got a present waiting for you.

Tomorrow, Monday, we're going to start on our way back to Lake Jackson. We ought to be back by Wednesday. What time on wednesday depends on whether we stop for the night or drive straight through.

Everything turned out okay. The hurricane pansyed out once it got on land and shifted away from Lake Jackson so its all okay. My house is still there, says Dad. Martial Arts American should still be there. As should everyone else's house. So woot. I went crazy and did irrational things for no reason but I'm happier because of some of those things >.> Such as stalking down Brian's number and calling him... God, I'm a freak.

Annie says that there's going to be another hurricane coming soon and its going to be headed for coastal Texas >.> There was a guy that predicted that a Katrina would hit Louisiana and Rita would hit Beaumont and now he's saying another hurricane that's going to be atleast a category 4 is going to come and hit coastal Texas... So I'm kinda freaked again... I'm seriously scared. I got so freaked when Rita was heading toward Lake Jackson. I mean, you guys saw my post. I don't want that stuff to actually happen. God, I'm scared. I fear natural disasters more than I do jellyfish. And those in my creative writing class know what an accomplishment that is <.<.

I've learned the value of the cellphone. I can say that.

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 8:19 PM |

Friday, September 23, 2005

Fuck You Too, Mother Nature.

My Rita Storm Journal

Written in my creative writing journal Wednesday night around 1 AM:

My home is going to be destroyed. I will never see the majority of my friends again. All proof that I existed for the first 17 years of my life will be gone.

I'm currently sitting on a couple of towels in the bathtub of a Days Inn somewhere south of Little Rock, Arkansas. I would love to go back into the room with my grandmother, my Aunt Je and my baby cousin Allison to close my eyes and drift into blessed unconsciousness but every time I close my eyes I remember something that I forgot to through into my bag before I evacuated and my mind is suddenly plagued with thoughts of how I'll have to live on without it.

My cat keeps giving me a wide eyed look and meowing as if asking "What are we doing here? This isn't home." Even if she understood what I was saying, I don't think I could bring myself to tell her "Home isn't going to be there anymore."

The day before last, Monday, Annie, my best friend of 5 years, and I got into a huge fight. We spent that day and the next swearing to hate each other for the rest of eternity. Tuesday evening I sent her a text message saying:
"Hey. Don't die in the storm. Take care."
She sent one back:
"You too. We're having a hurricane party. Wanna come?"
This evening the previous couple of hours were spent text messaging her from this very bathtub as we discussed how she would earn the title "Annie: Conquer of Rita" because the bad guy from Power Rangers was named Rita and seeing as Annie was a veteran of playing Power Rangers as a kid then this hurricane didn't stand a chance against her. It hurts to even wish that things could be that easy.

It took a category 5 hurrican to get some guts, but I did it. I called up the guy from Martial arts that I've liked for a little while now and said:
"Hey, this is Jenny from Taekwondo. This may sound kinda creepy but I got your number from Mr. Wadley when I was talking to him a little while ago and as the hurricane started to get scarier and scarier, I became excessively worried that I'd never get to see you again."
We talked on and off through out the day. Talked about what we'll do after the storm, where we'll go, if we'll be able to hunt done Mr. Wadley to continue our training. It took the highly possible destruction of all I know and love but I finally grew a pair.

Everything just seems so sureal. Its like this is just some TV drama story that'll be over in 30 minutes but it just keeps going. Every five minutes reality hits me like a 4 by 4 being swung at my face and it takes all my willpower not to burst into tears. I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight because I don't want to wake up and realize that it isn't just a dream.

So my parents are in Hawaii for their 25th anniversary. They left Saturday earlier this week. My grandma, Aunt and not-even-2-year-old cousin came down to half-baby-sit-half-house-sit while they're gone. Tuesday rolled around and suddenly we're evacuating to Chicago where my grandma and company live. My parents are going to fly into there and meet me before we go back to coastal Texas to see if its still there. I always wanted to move to Chicago but never so soon...

Its the apocolaypse. I swear, it is! Judgement day is upon us, my brothers and sisters! Two category 5 hurricanes, one after the other; Katrina and not-so-baby sister Rita. This kind of shit just doesn't happen! Next thing we know the aliens are going to invade and the zombies will rise! Annie: get your gun! Its Resident Evil, The Day After Tomorrow and War of the Worlds all come true!
Its the end of the world as we know it...

I have officially gained the title "evacuee." Don't I feel special... Not in the least.

Just as I'm starting to enjoy the life I have, I'm forced to leave it behind and get a new one. How's that for irony? I don't want new clothes, I don't want a new bed or a new room or a new house. I don't want a new schoool or new friends. I want the ones I had. Unfortunatly, Rita has left me with little choice in the matter... Fuck you too, Mother Nature.

You know the little text message that pops up when you turn on your cell phone? I changed mine to:
"At Least You're Not Dead..."
See? I'm being positive.

I cried on my way home from martial art Tuesday evening because I thought that I was never going to get to take another of Mr. Wadley's classes again. Never get to be in that room with those people. In the last couple years of my life I've grown to love that place and to respect those people more than I ever have anyone else in my life before. It nearly killed me to think I'd lose them. Thank God for cell phones.

I want to meet a New Orleans refugee and apologize for everytime that I thought lightly of their situation.

I salvaged my homecoming dress that I bought last weekend. I ripped it from its hangar in my closet and shoved it into my bag before we left. I'll wear it to Lake Jackson's funeral. So as we're all standing over the marsh that once was Brazoria County, throwing white flowers into the water, at least 'll be pretty.

Thursday 9-22-05: Some rest area in Arkansas:

I was reading all the graffiti on the bathroom stall of the rest area and suddenly became very depressed. I pulled out my red marker and wrote:
"On the run from Rite. Here's hopin my house'll still be there. 9-22-05"
I feel better now.

Thoughts today. 9-23-o5:

I made it to my grandparents house in suburbia Chicago, locked myself and my cat in a room, took two extra strength tylenol and more NyQuil than I probably should have and passed out.

Last night talking on the phone with Annie she told me about how Micheal and her just hooked up and I decided that Rita will from now on be known as "The Hurricane of Loooove!" and it's catch phrase wil be: "Love hurts, baby."
We're going to make hurricane hats that say "Hurricane of Loooove" and have little pirate flags that say "Rita" on them.

I went to Target and bought kitty litter, socks, bras, underwear, shampoo and anything else I forgot to pack while I was running through the house throwing everything I couldn't imagine living without in my big ol' Taekwondo bag. Funny that I didn't consider underwear a nessecity of living.

I feel better now and less "omigod my life is over. damn you to hell, rita!" because the eye of the storm is heading toward Beaumont (can't spell >.>) and it looks like Lake Jackson will be getting the left side, the clean side, of the hurricane. I'm still really worried but I'm more emotionally stable now.

I've been clinging to my cell phone like a life line. I have to keep talking to friends and people or I think I might go insane. I'm probably going over my minutes but I really don't care.

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 1:32 PM |

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


My tummy hurts. I exercised to much today...ugh...teh lazy. Today will be my first day of work. God, I'm scared O.O I'm gonna get hit by a car... or fall into the smootie machine... or something horrible. I'm actually kind of glad that my schedule is so packed. Gives me something to do all the time. Though I wish I could just go to martial arts all day... After I graduate I think I'm just going to start going to the dojo instead of going home on my free time >.>

Can't. Wait. Till. Graduation. I may just stay down here at Alvin community college and get a nursing degree because I really don't want to leave Mr. Wadley and the school, or J.R. and Ken for that matter. They're such good teachers and awesome people. *shrug* I'm going to move to Chicago some day because I love that city. It's beautiful up there.

I really don't know what I'm going to do with myself after school but it doesn't really bother me. I'm pretty happy with right now. Life is okay. I've lost some stuff but I'm learning to live with it. Basically, whatever drama happens: I'll live. I'll get over it. It's not gonna kill me. And that's really all there is.


Jenny :~: 12:15 PM |

A Tribute Post To Brittany

She made one for me and it made me so happy so I'm gonna make one for her too! ^^

Brittany, you've been nothing but an awesome friend for as long as I've know you. I remember all the times we talked about depression and medication and ther-rape-me. I remember the happy lamp (*giggle!*). When either one of us is upset we can always talk to each other and damn the rest of the world all by ourselves. You've always made me feel less alone in life and thanks so much for that. Our bitch sessions/pow wows kick ass! XD You can call me anytime you need it. I'll always be here for you! I WUV YOU!!! XD

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 8:04 AM |

Monday, September 19, 2005

Not As Alone As I Thought I Was

I wish I could live in the martial arts dojo. I wish I could drop out of school and stay there all day. That's all I need. I didn't think that I'd be able to make it through the rest of the day without breaking down but I got to martial arts and I felt revitalized or something. We did all these kicks on the bags and played sword and shield and I sucked at it but it was fun anyways and then in the 15 minutes of time that Mr. Wadley forgot we existed between the red-black class and the all adult BBC class Hairum (I have no idea how to spell his name but he's cool), Brian and Brian's little brother Ben got a couple of the bags out and started doing all these crazy kicks on them and falling on their asses but it was hilarious. I kinda wanted to participate in it because I wanted to experiment with the kicks too but I was too much of a pansy. Mr. Wadley was getting on to people who don't do stuff because they're afraid they're going to lose. I've got to stop being so pansy-ish about that stuff. You've got to try, even if you lose, because eventually you'll get better. I'm going to keep that in mind...

So the BBC class was awesome too. Hairem (still can't spell his name) was my partner and we were doing finger manipulation stuff and he kept freaking out everytime my fingers or my wrist popped because they bent so far. He's freaking hilarious. Gus showed up after class and I talked to him a little. He asked how school was and I was like "It sucks. My best friend hates me. And I'm sure my other friends are getting close to it." And Brian was like "You're best friend?..." and I was like "Well, I guess not anymore *depression*" and he's like "Oh, you go to B'Wood. Figures." I guess B'Wood doesn't have a good reputation for strong friendships >.>

Anyway, I talked to him in the parking lot about how stupid B'Wood is and how they spend they're money on silly astro turf... And it was nice. I haven't really been able to have just a calm conversation all day and martial arts tonight was just all of that.

I know I said that I'd be fine on my own but I was seriously doubting it. But not anymore. I'll be fine if everyone at school hates me because I can still go to martial arts and feel more in place than I ever did in school. It's the most important thing in the world to me now because it'll always be there and I will always have a passion for it. So screw school and screw the friends that have decided I'm not worth being around anymore because I don't need them. I can't wait to graduate.

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 9:40 PM |

You Might As Well Smile. It's All Going To Hell Anyway.

Why do I even try? I always end up being an ass anyways. Pff. No. It's not even worth it. I was happier back then when I didn't care. I was happier with no mind set. And I was better for it too. When you stop caring then the world doesn't seem half as bad as it did before. When I accept that everything sucks, I'm just a worhtless piece of trash and I'll never really give a damn enough to fix myself to the point where I'm acceptable to my friends then its easier to see clearly. And I was so close then to getting where I wanted to. Why did I ever stop? Forget it. Hate me. Go for it. See how much I care.

That's the only thing I like about myself. I can function just as well with friends, etc, as I can on my own. Even better, actually. I've conditioned myself to beable to take it and I'm glad I did. So go on. Bitch at me, tell me how stupid I am, tell me how selfish I am. Just list for me everything you find wrong with me. I want you to. Its nothing new to me.

So fine, Annie. Do whatever the fuck you want, say whatever you want, think whatever you want. I'm done. I hope I die sad and alone. And I hope Brian realizes who I am too. Maybe he won't be stupid enough to like me then. Oh how I wish everyone saw me like you do, my dear.


Jenny :~: 5:52 PM |

I typed this up during A lunch but I waited until afterschool to post it because I thought I might feel different by then, but I don't. I so don't.

What. The. Fuck. Ever.

I just got a job, which I've been trying to do for the past year or so, and that's awesome because that now means that I can actually go to martial arts seminars, afford new uniforms and equipment (god knows I need it. The tie on my TKD uniform got ripped off a couple weeks ago so it sort of hangs to the side pathetically if I don't yank it back every five seconds) and I might even get to go on the trip to Korea and Japan if I happen to get at least 1000 dollars together by December... And also, We're going to start paying weekly dues for Ninjutsu and I'll probably have to cover that. It also means that I will now be able to get a cosplay costume for Oni-con and that I'll actually have money to spend there instead of just lamely wandering around and just to look at everything and wish that I could afford it. Oh, and it means that I can get some sunglasses for my car so I don't get blinded in the mornings driving to school and in the evenings driving to martial arts because the lens keep falling out of the ones my Dad has in there. And it also means that I can get a cd player that actually plays cds! And maybe the hakuma that I was supposed to buy 3 weeks ago for Jujutsu (I figured out that its a requirment for the class) but didn't have enough money to get!

But, alas, My Schedule is thus:
Church in the morning.
Work: Anytime they decide I should be there
School - 8-3:30
Rehearsals: 3:30-5:30
Martial Arts: 7:30 - 9
School - 8-3:30
Rehearsals: 3:30 - 5:30
Work: 5- 11
School - 8-3:30
Rehearsals: 3:30 - 5:30
Work: 5- 11
School - " "
Rehearsals: 3:30 - %:30
Martial Arts: 6 - 10
School - " "
Martial Arts: 6:30 - 8:30
Martial Arts: 2-4
Work: 5-11

And what time does that leave for homework? Not a whole hell of a lot unless I decide that sleep isn't necessary. So I thought about this for a long time. I'm going to have to give up something. Not school, that's illegal. I have to go. Not Martial Arts because that's the most important thing in the world to me, plus that's the reason I need a job. Not the job because then I can't afford martial arts. Or anything else I might need.

So what does that leave? Rehearsals. I told everyone this morning that I was quiting the play because I wouldn't have anytime for homework and seeing as if I fail my classes then I won't be allowed to be in the play anyways I thought it was better that I pulled out now instead of 2 weeks before performance. And. Everyone. Got. Pissed. At. Me.

Mostly Annie. She claimed that I 'sold out' for money when I dropped the play. Well I'm sorry that my parents don't just give me money for whatever the hell I want. Annie, you're my best friend and I love you to death but I'm really pissed at you right now so I'm going to post this and probably move it to my xanga later. Hopefully before you read it and decide to hate me even more.

We went shopping for homecoming this weekend: I bought a $20 dress with MY money and a $40 suit thing for tournament which I will be paying my mother back for once she gets back from Hawaii. Annie, dearest, Your parents paid for a $70 dress and an $80 pair of shoes that you will probably only wear 2 or 3 times. You don't need a steady cash flow because you don't have any kind of activity or whatever that you need to be paying for regularly. And if you see something like a shirt or something that you want and you don't have the money for it then you can usually get your mom to pay for it. I've seen that happen so many times. Because we do have money to spare, my parents try really hard not to spoil me and I love them for that. I'm glad that they are making me pay my own way. Don't even start critizing me for making a respondsible choice.

And you know what? I'm still doing the play anyways. I told Mr.White that, against my better judgement, I would stay in the play and either find off time during rehearsals to do homework or do it during the hours that I'm supposed to be sleeping. I don't really sleep anyways, so what does it matter, right? I can run on insomia. I've done it before. Sure I ended up going psycho, put on anti-depressants, and had mental health professionals threatening to put me in a hospital for a little bit. But I can handle it.

You're still my beat friend, Annie and I love you, but don't even bother saying anything else to me about selling out because I'm not even listening to you anymore. God, I don't even care. Think whatever the fuck you want because I don't even care for your opinion about this anymore.


That's what I wrote during lunch. Here's what I have to say now:

Apparently you called me a 'traitor' too. Exactly what did I do that merited that term? Was I on some side of a war that I didn't know about? I'm sorry that I made a responsidle decision with time management and I'm sorry that I meant that I had to sacrafice things, not only the play. I had to give up a couple classes or TKD that I didn't NEED to be at.

I was really really mad at you, Annie, when I was driving home but now I'm mostly just...sad. And disappointed. Because you didn't even stop to ask me about it. You just went straight to damning this and that and critizing me. I thought you were a better friend than that. I don't know. Maybe you are. But I almost feel like crying because I feel betrayed. I asked Ben and Phillip and Ross if what I was doing was selling out or anything like that and they all told me that I was right for that decision. But I decided to stay in anyways. Which probably isn't a good idea. But All well. I'm just disappointed. Really disappointed.


Jenny :~: 12:56 PM |

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Why are people so stupid?

First of all, I'm posting this online because I know Jake doesn't have access to the internet, or is too lazy to seek it out. Because Matt informed me of this and told me that he wasn't supposed to let me know and if Jake knew that he told me then he'd give Matt a good hurtin'.

...In which case I would KILL HIM. He already beat up one of my friends... And Matt's a friend of his anyways. He shouldn't abuse his friends. But no body has the guts to tell him that because everyone's afraid of what he'll do to them. I'd like to actually have Jake get pissed off at me and hit me just so I can say that I'm someone who stood up to him.

Anyways, so I was talking to Matt in navigations and he tells me that Jake has been trying to get me to see him and Rachel (his new girlfriend) together because, this is the fun part, because he wants me to get pissed at him...

How retarded is that? Apparently Jake is convinced that I still want him because I now say Hi to him when I see him and act friendly instead of the verbal abuse I used to fling at him last year. *cough* I've been acting nice to him lately because I've decided to stop hating him because its really not a healthy thing to do... So what's with his logical? Jenny doesn't insult everytime she sees me = SHE LOVES ME!!!

I think now I'm just going to throw my English book at him every time I see him and yell "DUMBASS!" It might help him get the right idea of my feelings toward him.

And whats with the bitterness? He wants me to get pissed at him? He's flaunting his new little toy at me because he wants me to get mad or jealous? What. A. Retard. I've lost whatever respect I still had for Jake. I didn't think he would sink that low.

And on a side note: Brian is awesome. Someday I'll be a wicked awesome ninja too. At which point I will use my wicked awesome ninja powers to SMITE JAKE! *English textbook* DUMBASS!!!

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 9:18 PM |

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


My parents are leaving this Saturday to go to Hawaii for a couple weeks for their 25th Anniversary! Woo! So My Grandma, my Aunt Jennifer and her new daughter Allison are coming down to watch the house, and me, while Ma and Pa are gone.

I'm kind of worried about my parents seeing as mom gave me a talk about in the event of her and dad's death that my legal guardian will be Aunt Carol but she doesn't want me uprooted and taken to Chicago so I am to stay here and get an apartment or live with a friend. And I was like 'Mom...don't die... T.T' That was... yesterday, I think.

My Ghetto-Fablulous Car

Monday I was backing out of my spot in the driveway and there just so happens to be a basketball pole behind my parking spot and I just so happen to not notice how close I was to it... and ended up breaking the right side-view mirror on it... Now it's taped in place. Not with duct tape though because we didnt have any at the time and it would've looked way too ghetto. But I think that's a nice addition to my blue dome light. Woot!

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 9:31 PM |


See Annie's blog for a summary of how awesome Coasterthon was. Here are a few loverly pictures from the awesomely awesome event:

The Barricades of Freedom
This is Annie and I in the couch-bed we folded out every night and used the discarded couch cushions to erect a barricade of freedom between my parents' side of the room and ours while singing various Les Mis songs. Notice the plushies. We cannot leave our plushies.

InuYasha Guy
Here's us and InuYasha Guy (his actual name is Cory but the name we made for him is just specialer). If you've read Annie's blog you know about InuYasha Guy and his awesomeness. He. Is. So. Flippin'. Cool. I wish I was half as cool as InuYasha Guy! XD

My Love.
Ah, yes. My love. The random brown longhorn-cow-thing. So we were walking along and we saw this pin of long horns and this one was standing there and eating and looking at us and Mom was like "Do you want a picture with the cow-thing?" and I was like "God, yes." and Annie (i think it was annie...) pointed to where they had little children sitting on another longhorn and said something about being able to take a picture on that one and I said "No! I only want this one! HE IS MY LOVE!!! I LOVE HIM!!!" *gung ho*

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 9:08 PM |

Off Periods Are Love.

Yo, kids. I love my off period. Its wonderful. I'm at home now, lounging about. I was practicing all the forms I've learned thus far for TaeKwonDo and I managed ok. I kinda mixedup the end part of Won Hyo with Yul Gok. But that's ok because I realized I did it wrong and then went back and re-did them. So now I just have to learn Toi Gye and Kwang Gae and I'll know all the color belt forms! BOOYAH!!! XD

WHY is it SO HOT in Texas?! It's sick! God, I thought I was going to die just going out to my car to get something out of the trunk. I'm still sweating... Guh.

Martial Arts has been a lot of fun lately. I've gotten to talking to Brian more often and he's really cool. Not to mention a flippin' awesome martial artist and an incredible teacher. Why is he so much awesomer than me?!?! *dies*

About a week ago my parents and I went and saw Transporter 2 and it was so good. The first Transporter movie was pretty cool but this one was just amazing. I wish I were half as cool as the transporter (I think his name is Frank...)! >.< So if you haven't seen the movie yet you need to. It made me want to go jump on things or attack people >.>

Anywho, I'm going to go get food for Annie now. Later, kiddies.

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 10:40 AM |

Sunday, September 11, 2005

OMG, BABY!: Antoni Ostrowski

My cousins in Poland, Asia and Lukasz had their baby! Lookit, isn't he flippin' adorable?!?!? I love him! XD This is the only baby that I like and look! He isn't bald! WOO!

Image hosted by
Antoni Ostrowski

Image hosted by
Lukasz and Antoni XD

Image hosted by
Asia and Antoni. She doesn't even look like she just had a baby. It's crazy.

Image hosted by
Asia and Antoni again. So cute! *dies*

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 7:39 PM |

Friday, September 09, 2005

Assualt with a deadly...uh...lobster?

So yesterday was some awesome fun. And some crazy stress. And lots of pain. But still, awesome.

The only free time I had yesterday was 6 am to 7am and then the 10 minutes between when school ended and when play rehearsals started. But then I felt really sick and spent another 10 minutes in the bathroom but I don't consider that free time...

Anywho, so I left for school at 7. It started at 8:16 so I guess you can say I had free time while I sat in the library with Annie but I still don't count that. During my off period I had to go to the college to work out at the fitness center which was awesomely fun. I love that place. I love the weight machines. Love them O.O *foams at the mouth* I like the push-ups and pull-ups one. Tis my favorite ^^

The I was 15 minutes late for lunch because I had to run really fast from the college to McDonalds to get non-cafeteria food for Annie and me. Then there was ROTC (bow down! I'm the friggin' Flight Commander biatches! >.< XD) and then Eco... in which I finished the coloring on my arm that I started first period in English... THEN THERE WAS FREE TIME!!!! 10 MINUTES OF IT!!! In which I checked rpgs... >.> *ka-dork*

Rehearsals was pretty fun. I got to walk around and go 'Boogah Boogah!' because in 15 minute Hamlet I'm the ghost of Hamlet's papa! And some guy with a name that starts with F! ... I'm always a man in these plays... In Makbeth I was Banquo... Oh! In Owen's play I was a girl! And In Musketeers I was a Queen's Lady and I wore the carpet dress so that means I was a girl! WOOHOO! *cackles* Its ok though. I like the guy parts better anyways ^^

Then the Tragedians went into the classroom and started working out the dumb show mime which was incredibly funny. I almost died, it was so beautiful T.T *weeps tears of joy*

So I left rehearsals at 5:30, ran like the wind home, ate spaghetti, got my uniform, ran like the wind to martial arts and died. The first class that I was assistant instructor-ing in was hell. I had no idea what I was doing. Pretty much it was like 'Ok...just do whatever Brian does...;>.>' But then I had my own little group of children assigned to me...and it was so scary o.o And I failed. Miserably.

The second class wasn't so bad. But still, I failed. *weeps**bleeds**drinks bleach and dies* Then there was the adult white - blue belt class (that I go to because I'm afraid of the advanced class >.> because I have an inferiority complex...or something to that effect...) and as soon as the little kid class let out I went over to the side of the room and collapsed. Ugh. But the adult class was fun. We did exercise thingys. And I learned the rest of my form (BOO-FRIGGIN'-YAH!!!! XD).

Then there was Juijutsu. much. fun. Mr. Wadley kept picking on me but Brian was my partner for the whole class and it was awesome. At first we discussed how girls manage to get so much graffiti on their arms. I told him it was because we get bored. And we have pretty pens. And we're too lazy to just get a notebook out of our bags. Then while we were doing the wrist lock things I kept screwing up and every time I messed up Gary would come over and show me how to do it right. On Brian. So it was like Jenny screws up = Brian gets hurt. He told me I'm evil. *cackles*

So that was cool. I got to throw Mr. Wadley around a little which is a rare opportunity. During the throws I kept landing all graceful like and ending up sitting up with my legs crossed under me and so we battled, Brian trying to kept me from getting up to sitting and me trying to get my way past him to sitting. Twas grand.

And then there was home. And then there was sleep. And then there was waking up at 5:15 to shower and finish my memior >.>... *cough* And now there is school. And free internet in the library. Woot.

Later, kids.

(> ")>

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Look, ma! The world is ugly again!

LJ isn't letting me sign in. Again. And I accidently posted a comment twice because of that. And now I can't delete it. Because I freakin' can't sign in!!!!*grr!**Argh!*

But I got cast in Ros & Guil Are Dead! Woo! And so I get to be a funny person. Score.

The dome light in my car has been out for a while so I went to go get another bulb today but it turns out they no longer make the bulb that I need, so the closest thing they had to the model I need are the colored I got a blue one... my car is going to be so ghetto o.O

And another thing: I will now be doing assistant instructing at Tae Kwon Do on Thursdays at 6 pm... meaning, I'm going to have to skip some rehearsals >.>...eepers.


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Monday, September 05, 2005

I need a new Chatter Box...>.>

I was going to post on my space, but then I was like 'Why? Blogger is so much cooler...'

Mom and I cleaned house today and then I had cramps of death, so we sat around for about 3 hours and watched Fullmetal Alchemist and I cried because it was sad T.T But its ok now. Except that my computer is being a ho-bag and not letting me sign on to LJ, but thats ok because I'm going to axe murder it in a second >.>... bastardly foe...


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Friday, September 02, 2005

Who hasn't posted in forever?! ME!!!! XD

Yeah, so, yo. >.> I've totally been here the whole time...<.<; ... You just didn't see me O.O 'Cause IMA NINJA!!!! XD >.<

*cough* Anywho, being a senior is awesome. My parking spot is awesome. My diver's liscence (still can't spell it...) is awesome. The 'Polska' sticker on my car is awesome, and gosh darned-it, I'M AWESOME!

"Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggonit, people like me!"

Myesh. And my off period is awesome. It is so awesome. I know I hard it last year too but it is even more awesome this year because I don't have a set college class to go to during it. The college class I'm in is 'Fitness Center' in order to pass all I have to do is go into the college fitness center and work out every now and then, as long as I accumulate 32 hours by the end of the semester, I'm good.

I went yesterday and worked out and now I'm all sore, but that could also be from the Juijitsu class I went to yesterday, but my wrists do't hurt so I don't think that's the case. Anywho, I''m off to get subway. Laters.


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