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Name - Jenny
Nicknames - Jennifer, Jenny, Jen, Jennenifer, Pockets, Arakhne, Akiwombo, Special K, Juniper, Damali, Illyria, Rin, Genma, Prop Mistress Eternal, Queen's Lady #2, Tragedian #3, Ela Delahay, Banquo, The Anti-Snarfle, Ponce de Leon! Conqueror of Florida!, Jean Grey, Fatty MacFatterson, Pain (Sarah's Minion (Annie is Panic))
Age - 18. That's right. I can buy pr0n, cigarettes, vote, and get legally executed! PIMP.
Country - USA. Woot. *waves flag*
Likes - Martial Arts. Yum.
Dislikes - I don't like dieing. It's a bit uncomfortable and it kinda tickles.
Watching - Advent Children... Why am I not that awesome?
Reading - Hanakimi
Playing - WoW, Dirge of Cerberus, FFVII
Listening - my fan creaking as it spins
Eating - frosted tree-shaped pretzels
Drinking - BAWLS!
Singing - Various RENT songs...
Mood - *gnaws on stapler* Guess.



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Friday, April 29, 2005

I once loved you, Lancelot!

Yeah, so, Weiss Kreuz outtakes. Totally the best thing that ever happened to the world. I had a weird dream that had Tyler Durden (the Brad Pitt version) in it. It was freakish. I was out and about with, like, three other people, I think one of the was Julie Rinn, and we stopped and this big mall type thing to eat. So we went up to this Mcdonald's place and Julie and the other person ordered their food and then went to find a table so I was there by myself ordering and then suddenly, there's Tyler Durden! And he's standing right next to me and talking to me and I'm like 'wtf? hey, you're not real...Where'd you come from?' and someone notices that I'm talking to empty space so these people come and drag me away to a special insitution just for people you see Tyler Durden, lol. And I was like 'No! I'm not crazy! Really! He was there! At least let me go tell Julie and the other girl that I'm leaving! Nooo!'. And so I spent, like, a year or too there and there was bowling and craziness and it was scary, and then I came back to the real world and I met my friends and I was like 'omigod, that was nuts' and they were like 'Where'd you go? You just disappeared.' and I was like 'Tyler Durden started talking to me so they dragged me away to this crazy scary place with bowling!' and they were like 'yeah...ok...' and it was weird. Lmao. Whew. Fun stuff. I drank a little more than half of a Bawls drink this morning but I'm not overly hyper. Everyone is gone on either Psyhics day or the Choir trip. Fun stuff. I think something in english was supposed to be due but it doesn't make sense that she would make it due today when no one's around to turn it in...gotta go. laters.

Edit: Ok, now that I have gone to English and am now on my off period, it turns out that thing wasn't due. We were doing it in class. Our class today consisted of: Me. Justin. and Kelsi. Everyone else was either on Choir trip, on Physics day or dead. Lol. And in History it's only going to be Me, Jessica and Ricky. Omigod...Jessica and Ricky...Jessica is going to try to force Ricky to be her friend. And it's going to be hilarious! Buwhhahah! Anywho, I'm off to take a timed write. Or something. Laters.

(> ")>


Jenny :~: 8:03 AM |

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"I Wanted To Breathe Smoke."

Stuff happened. People are forcing themselves into my affairs. I can't really blame them, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

I've been writing a lot. In fact, that's all I do. I used to come home and sit at the computer for the rest of the night. Now I either do chore type things with Mom, or I sit up in my room and work on my stories. I like it that way. I gives me space in my head, or whatever. I don't know. I like being alone. Silence is a beautiful thing.

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Jenny :~: 11:32 AM |

Friday, April 15, 2005


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This song is actually incredibly inappropriate if you listen to the whole thing, but I like the inbetween parts, so here they are:

"...Help me! I broke apart my inside.
Help me! I've got no soul to tell.
Help me! The only thing that works for me,
Help me get away from myself...

My whole existence is flawed,
You get me closer to God.

You can have my isolation.
You can have the hate that it brings.
You can have my absence of faith.
You can have my everything.

Help me tear down my reason...
Help me! You make me perfect.
Help me become somebody else...

My whole existence is flawed,
You get me closer to God..."

o.o...meorw...I'm so on crack right now...My energy is...weird...O.O...I'm on new medication, so if I get to weird, give me a sedative or something.

Either way, I finally wrote something I'm happy with. Or at least, I wrote something that doesn't make me completely disgusted with my writing style. Woot. I've been trying to do this for the past, mmmm, 4 or 5 days. So be happy for me, punks. Ok, so, judging by my mood, my current thought process and what I've been writing, I will either start hating my existance over this weekend, or I'll just be so full of energy that I'll stay up all night writing, end up finishing my story this week, get it posted and then feel all accomplished and crap. So we'll see what happens.

The problem with me getting into writing is it makes me get really dark. And that can be dangerous sometimes. But I'm ok. So don't start asking me what's wrong just yet. I'm off to get refocused. Later.

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 8:24 PM |

Friday, April 08, 2005

Post Wisdom Teeth Removal: You lied to me, you horrible horrible people.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

The dentist did not give me anything to knock me out. He numbed the hell out of the right side of my mouth and then started picking away. Meaning, I was conscious the whole time. Meaning, I was fully awake and alert while my teeth were getting ripped out of my mouth. It was probably the most unpleasant thing I have ever experienced. Not only that, but they only did one side of my mouth. Only the two on the right side were taken out. I have to come back later to get the other two done. So, now I'm at home spitting up blood and holding an ice pack to my face. I can't feel much of the right side of my face but the numbing stuff will wear off pretty soon, at which point I am going to be killing anything I see. Just as a warning: The first person that makes any kind of joke about my situation is getting the shit beat out of them. Everyone after the first is just getting punched. Ha. You think I'm joking? Jenny is one pissed off little person right now.

Thank god for Switchfoot and the nice lady with the cd player:

So I got in there and they informed me that I would be staying conscious during the operation and I was just about to strangle someone when the nice nurse lady held up a cd player and asked if I wanted to listen to some music during the operation. I love that woman. I sent dad running out to the car to get my Switchfoot cd and popped it in the nice little player. Dr. McCann said that the operation would be really noisey, so I would want to turn up the music as loud as I could. And I did. And even with it up that loud, I almost died because while nothing they did hurt, I could still feel to an extent, and hear through the music, everything they were doing. I really had to focus on the music to keep myself from going insane O.O. And it was a good thing that it was Switchfoot, because I don't think any other music would have worked. Switchfoot's music really relaxes me and it makes it easy to pretend that I'm elsewhere and ignore my surrounding. I skipped all of the quiet, slow, pretty songs because they weren't nearly loud enough to block out the sounds coming from the ripping out of my teeth.

Thank God for Juijitsu:

We work alot on pain tolerance and endurance in Juijitsu, seeing as everything we do in there is pretty damn painfully. One class, we devoted the whole thing to feeling pain, accepting the pain and having a little happy place to go to to so that you could keep your senses about you and be able to counter out of whatever lock you have been put into, regardless of the pain the other person's lock was inflicting on you. I had about 6 shoots before the operation. And I had to go to my happy place for each one. Especially the one that was put into the roof of my mouth. And though the actual operation didn't hurt, like I said, I could still feel them prying the teeth from my gums and that required a visit to the happy place. I had my eyes closed the whole time, trying to stay in my little happy place and trying to focus on the music rather than the operation. Sensei Frausto, Mr. Wadley: I love you.

I think my favorite moment was when the dentist said the operation was over and I opened my eyes to see my blood all over his fingers. Yeah. That was nice. Anywho, if you really want to, you can come see me. I apologize in advance for my irritableness (I already got mom pissed off at me) which will probably be a few degrees worse once the feeling comes back to the right side of my mouth. And I apologize for looking so freakin' stupid. Lol, I feel like I'm drooling all over myself because I can't feel my lips. The side of my face is all swollen. It looks like I decided to hide a golf my in my cheek and I think blood is leaking out of my mouth. I'm carrying around this little pad of paper and a pen because talking is sort of not an option right now. I look like I have down syndrom, lol! Omigod, I look like a retard! LMAO! Well, at least I can still laugh at myself. I'm off stuff...

Hmm...I think I've swallowed about a gallon of my own blood. Is that good?...

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 4:25 PM |

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The disgusting whiney Icon post

Icons For The Post:
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Yeah, I feel like a lot of things today. I dunno. I talked alot to Matt today and I've been thinking about me. And just stuff. In general. This is probably something I shouldn't annouce to the public, but I think everyone already knows; I'm really easily manipulated. At first I thought, meh, whatever, no ones asshole-ish enough to take advantage of that so I shouldn't worry about it too much, but then someone did. There's no feeling worse than the feeling that someone has taken advantage of you, used you and violated you. And when I feel hurt, I feel pissed. Oh wait, I have an icon for this:
Image hosted by

I dunno, I guess I just started to not trust anyone. I mean, people can seem really nice, but I've seen nice people do bad things. Can't tell a book by it's cover. A kind face usually hides a liar. It's hard to be sure who to trust and I realize that I'm being overly paranoid, and I try to stop, but I can't help it. I don't want to the feeling let someone come close enough to me to shove me into the dirt. Makes you feel really embarrased and really pissed. Pissed at the person, pissed at the world, but above all, pissed at yourself for being so stupid. So stupid becuase you let them exploit your weakness. So Stupid because you weren't even strong enough to protect yourself when you should have seen what was coming. So you're just filled with a limitless feeling of rage and hate that controls you and uses your memories and emotions against you to fuel itself. And you feel guilty for feeling that way because you have no one to blame but yourself and you know it. But nevertheless you hate them. Seeing in red with visions of revenge that shock you, scare you a little, but some how make you feel more alive. You feel more secure, like the rage makes you stronger. But it's just a lie to make yourself feel better. In actuality, you're just a whiney little kid, trying to find a reason to feel victimized. I'm just so sick of failure. I'm so sick of being the one to lose. For once, I want someone to feel what I feel, and beg for my forgiveness. I want to see the hurt in their eyes and tell them that it will never go away. And I want to tell them that I'm not sorry. And that I hope they rot on the inside. Because that's what happened to me.
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

Because I know I'm feeling sorry for myself and it's stupid and immature and whiney because there are people who've had it much worse and I know it, but at the same time, I still feel every bit of it, it's just so confusing. It's just better to accept it when it comes, have your freak outs, and forget about it afterwards. I'm not even completely sure of what I'm saying. And I'm hard pressed to really care whether I'm understood or not. Apathy Apathy Apathy. Nothing matters anymore. When everything's made to be broken, yadda yadda yadda. And you bleed just to know you're alive. I'm so cold inside, it's hard to tell if I'll ever feel anything real again. I tend to reject emotions that make me weak. I'm so obsessed with staying strong now. You love someone so much that it starts to hurt. I already had a love that hurts. I don't want that again. If I have to die alone, I won't have that again. Never again.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

And I feel so stupid for rambling on like this, pretending I've got some kind of great horrible pain. If you really knew what it was, I promise you, you'd be disappointed. Are you expecting some kind of mental trauma? Rape? Abuse? Well, it's nothing like that. Not anywhere close. I'm just an attention deprieved idiot who wants everyone to pity her because all the sympathy in the world won't make her ever feel warm inside again because she was hollowed out along time ago. She was born a cold, heartless idiot who couldn't even feel God, let alone any love that a person could offer. So I make up stories, make up lies and make up reasons to hurt so that I can have an explaination for the way I am. Some people where born with the ability to be happy, but some people were just meant to live and die alone, never feeling the warmth of love of the support of a friend. As far as I know, we're all alone. You can have friends, family, loved ones who support you, but it makes no difference. They can't change you and there's no great being in the sky that can open up your heart and enlighten you. We live alone, we suffer alone, we die alone.
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

I may or may not leave this here. Might mov it to my LJ. Or my private LJ. Meh. I'll worry about it later.

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 4:57 PM |

Monday, April 04, 2005


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Ok, so Brittany finally got her script for the One Act she's going to do. It's a play about these 8 crazy women in an insane asylum who all think that they are some historical figure. I get to play the one that is Joan of Arc ^^. Annie will be Mozart's wife. Ella is Emilia Airhart (sp?) and she gets strangled in the end! Woot! My first line, I walk in carrying this huge crucifix and say: "Oh shit, will someone help be with this?!" Or something to that effect. Fun stuff! I'm excited!

I'm playing Snug in Midsummer Night's Dream and all the mechanicals got together in the back of the room to read through and talk about how we were going to do it. I'm a hippy! YAY! And Manuel (Bottom) is going to have a stutter and we're going to randomly smack him and Ella (Snout) is the ditz that hits on the director! WOOT! Fun stuff, lemme tell ya. I went into a random Saiyuki spaz mood last night and reread vol 1. If My Weiss Kreuz anime doesn't show up today, I'm going to chase after the UPS man with my bokken and demand my anime of him. I'll bring down the fury of the Ninja on slow postal service!!! BRING DOWN THE TYRANT! Ok, I'm stopping now before this turns into another "SUPPRESS THE RESISTANCE!!!" post and I end up pepper spraying everyone O.O.

NAaar! Rawr! >.< I have honey roasted peanuts and YOU DON'T! HAHAHAH! I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled this weekend T_T but at least I'll have a nice bunch of anime to watch while whining and crying about the pain...unless the UPS guy doesn't come...In which case, I shall have to bring down upon him the Wrath of the Ninja! YARH!!!!! NINJA WITH AN EYEPATCH! Mk, I'm off to check blogs and Ljs. Laters.

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Jenny :~: 3:20 PM |