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Name - Jenny
Nicknames - Jennifer, Jenny, Jen, Jennenifer, Pockets, Arakhne, Akiwombo, Special K, Juniper, Damali, Illyria, Rin, Genma, Prop Mistress Eternal, Queen's Lady #2, Tragedian #3, Ela Delahay, Banquo, The Anti-Snarfle, Ponce de Leon! Conqueror of Florida!, Jean Grey, Fatty MacFatterson, Pain (Sarah's Minion (Annie is Panic))
Age - 18. That's right. I can buy pr0n, cigarettes, vote, and get legally executed! PIMP.
Country - USA. Woot. *waves flag*
Likes - Martial Arts. Yum.
Dislikes - I don't like dieing. It's a bit uncomfortable and it kinda tickles.
Watching - Advent Children... Why am I not that awesome?
Reading - Hanakimi
Playing - WoW, Dirge of Cerberus, FFVII
Listening - my fan creaking as it spins
Eating - frosted tree-shaped pretzels
Drinking - BAWLS!
Singing - Various RENT songs...
Mood - *gnaws on stapler* Guess.



I handcuffed || K, Yuki Eiri, Annie Bananie, Manuel, and Kenshin!!!

K-san is my soulmate!

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Monday, September 27, 2004

And The New Template Is *drum roll*...

Serial Experiment Lain! Because Amy is the only one that voted and she chose that one AND because I'm thinking it's my favorite too. So Soon there shall be new template-i-facation! Once I get the images hosted (because Jenny learned her lesson from last time she accidently stole bandwidth) and all the stuff transfered over. Woot! Ok, laters kids!

(> ")>


Jenny :~: 7:19 PM |

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Voting on New Template

Ok, so I'm too indecisive to make a choose between these tmeplate I found, so, naturally, I'm making you peoples do it for me, okidays? Post your vote in the comments and if I like the template you guys choose, I'll use it. Here are your choices:


Serial Experiment Lain

Endless Road

Have fun, kids!

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Jenny :~: 9:11 PM |

Friday, September 17, 2004

In Lieu of...teehee...i like it! XD

Who's been neglecting their blog-reading? Jenny has! JENNY HAS! I'm currently ctaching up on Matt's blog once I've finished there, I'm off to run a-much in Ross's blog. Tomorrow, our dearest Jenny-kins is off to Burr-knee (darn skippy I can't spell it. Do like a 5 year old. Sound it out.) to visit the Spells! Yay! (The Spells are family friends that moved away. The have horses. I'll get to ride them. *SQUEE!*) So anyways, to explain the title, I have the phrase "in lieu of" stuck in my head. It just sounds to fun...teehee! *cough* moving on. I have to have more than half of my lines in Macbeth memorized by Monday. Can we say, Ack? (I sure hope we can. It's not that hard to say...). I've fallen in love with K-san. Sorry Owen. You're just not blonde enough. And American enough. And you don't carry around a gun and randomly threaten people with it. ("TELL THE BUNNY YOU'RE SORRY!!!"). *cough* myesh. aaaaand...Boo-yah. And now we have, random K quote-age:

(of course, there must be this) "TELL THE BUNNY YOU'RE SORRY!!!" *sticks a gun to your head*

"(*imagine his voice one octave higher) Hello, Sleepyhead. It's morning already. If you don't wake up, it's gonna be Magnum .44 time. BANG! Owww! That's gonna hurt! Brains flying everywhere!
Beep Beep Beep! Time's up! Countdown's on!
(*in The Terminator's voice) Five. Four. Three. Two..."

(In this one he's got a microphone and he's talking to himself like he's interviewing himself)
"So, K, How does it feel to be standing on the precipice of greatness, with the power of being Ryuichi former manager at your disposal?
What's that? You just hooked Bad Luck up with an appearance on Hit Stage? Your Managerial-Fu is wicked fierce!"

And thus. I go. Laters.

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 10:51 PM |

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Who hasn't posted in forever?! Jenny hasn't! Please don't put me on your list, Amyness! I'll be a good blogger! I promise! >.<

So...School...yeah...Maybe it's just my brain melting in my skull, but I find it incredibly funny that I've actually become sick because of School. I'm sick of School! Ahahaha! It's so very funny but so not all at the same time!...yeah, it's defienantly my brain melting. See, I can't even spell anymore. Ugh. I've come up with this theory that the flourescent lighting is slowly eating my soul. o.O. Yeah, sorry, I'm all screwy because my brain is overheated and thus, baking itself and leaking out of my ears. *drip*drip* So onto the reason WHY I am sick, Well, for starters, I've got allergies coming out of my nose. Really. It's gross. And Claritan isn't helping at all. I'm also so very sleep-deprieved (it's like Les Mis all over again! Except without the annoying choir kids and the foam set peices and know...actual play) because I've been staying up 'til all hours of the night, trying to get my homework done (which i have so-frickin'-much of it!) because I have no time to do it during the day because I've got all my martial arts and the room remodeling and the choirs and the dinner making and ughness! So the end result is, one very sickly little Jenny-kins. Bleh! School is stupid! *kick* Also, I'm freaking sore every where! My butt hurts because of fencing and I can't lift my arms today, probably because I spent a good solid class period of thursday holding them up while I was already overheated (because I had already been feeling feverish) and, not to mention, wrapped in a nice thick fencing jacket that has this thing where it's air-tight. o.O Can we say, Eck?

On a lighter note, I made Macbeth! Well, actually it's Makbeth. With a K. And that's a fairly short tangent that I just don't feel like going off on. And, having said that, I will now proceed to do it anyways. Becuase I'm screwy like that. And I'm diseased. Yay Plague! Anywho, when Mr. White got the scripts, instead of saying "Macbeth" they were entitled "Makbeth" so then Phillip decided that we should advertise with "Come see Makbeth! With a K!" Ok, so, yeah, I made Makbeth! Woot! The cast is as follows:
Makbeth - Zach
Lady Makbeth - Brittany
Dark Powers - Manuel, Annie and Phillip
Duncan - Freshman (Daniel)
Banquo - Me! Me! Me! I'm the Son! The DEAD Son! Boo-yah! XD
Malcom - Ziggy (Ben)
MacDuff - Rossifer (Ross)
And various other people as swing.

I'm the Son! And I die! Phillip kills me! Yay! But atleast I last for at least half the play, then Zach has Phillip off me, but wait! There's more! I'm not done yet! I come back and haunt Zach and Brittany and randomly pop into Ben and Ross's conversation to tell my son, Fleance, to fly (I have no idea what the hell I'm doing there...) which Ben and I found to be incredibly funny! Well, anywho, I'm about done for today. I'm going to go rip my guts out and see how much I can get for them on Ebay. G'night! You kids have fun!

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 1:28 AM |