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Name - Jenny
Nicknames - Jennifer, Jenny, Jen, Jennenifer, Pockets, Arakhne, Akiwombo, Special K, Juniper, Damali, Illyria, Rin, Genma, Prop Mistress Eternal, Queen's Lady #2, Tragedian #3, Ela Delahay, Banquo, The Anti-Snarfle, Ponce de Leon! Conqueror of Florida!, Jean Grey, Fatty MacFatterson, Pain (Sarah's Minion (Annie is Panic))
Age - 18. That's right. I can buy pr0n, cigarettes, vote, and get legally executed! PIMP.
Country - USA. Woot. *waves flag*
Likes - Martial Arts. Yum.
Dislikes - I don't like dieing. It's a bit uncomfortable and it kinda tickles.
Watching - Advent Children... Why am I not that awesome?
Reading - Hanakimi
Playing - WoW, Dirge of Cerberus, FFVII
Listening - my fan creaking as it spins
Eating - frosted tree-shaped pretzels
Drinking - BAWLS!
Singing - Various RENT songs...
Mood - *gnaws on stapler* Guess.



I handcuffed || K, Yuki Eiri, Annie Bananie, Manuel, and Kenshin!!!

K-san is my soulmate!

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Monday, May 31, 2004 A tribute to Annie...and her voluptuous forehead...

DEAR GOD! JENNY'S ENJOYING LIFE! *apocalypse*: A tribute to Owen...and his...uh...Owenness...

School's out....Oh freakin' yeah!!! i keep thinking, oh god, i have to get up and go to school tomorrow, and then i remember, i don't! and it's woot! My weekend was so awesome! I went to San Antonio with my mom and Annie and Owen and we went to the Riverwalk and Sea World and Fiesta and and and!!!! *frolics with glee**skips about like a giddy school girl (AHAHAHAH!!!NOMORESCHOOL!!!AHAHAHA!!!!) I spent all my money at the Riverwalk mall. I bought a spiffy Japanese shirt and some earings and a little hand pipe incan music playing thing for Owen (he bought me the spiffiest t-shirt! I loves it so much!!! He bought me a beautiful necklace as well and a Shamu that i named Sham-Owen.)The whole trip i was telling annie that her forehead was voluptuous. so there's an explaination for the name. I had lots of fun with annie. In the wave pool, we got tired of treding water in the deep end (because that's the bestest spot)so we went and got life jackets and floated around and were acting really high and making fun of people. I had an awesome time with Owen! *squeals* I love that little boy. i'm going to miss him so much when he's gone...i'm not going to get to see him a whole lot during summer either because of his job...*sigh*...i wish we had more time...there so much i feel like i don't know about him...i wish i had time to get to know him better, or just time to be around him...i love every second i'm near him, even if i'm being all pissy and moody. He's got a lot of interesting thoughts and opinions in that fluffy-haired little head of his...i want to know everything about him, i know that sounds kinda creepy stalker-ly-like but it's true...well, maybe not everything, like for example, the kind of toothpaste he uses. that's really stalkerly-like...though it might come in handy...if he ever needs toothpaste and i happen to be at know...Owen is like this whole new amazing wonderful beautiful world and it's the best place ive ever been...And he's really good to me. He's so kind and gentle with me. Always making sure i'm ok. It's sweet. And loving. And he has these moments when he's just so incredibly cute that i just want to hug him until he turns funny colors, lol! And he's charming, and witty, and intelligent and and and!!!! *head explodes* i think i'll make a new shirt. "I Heart Small People." They're just good people! I really really like that Owen's small. It's just, i dunno, appealing. I like his size very much. He's also very comfy. lol, he's a great pillow. really. He's also master of random knowledge and skills, which is always fun. I just love him! I love that crazy little mormon! *ruffles hair* good mormon *cookie* *petpet* Well, I'm off to dream land. Toodles.

I think i've already covered that i love my Owen.


(> ")>

Jenny :~: 11:05 PM |

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Jenny had a really great day...

awesome day...eee, i love my owen! everyone go to this site! Experience the wonder that is Banana Phone!

i liked to it for 10 minutes straight. I know have it memorized. And my brains have melted and are now leaking out of my ears...o.O

Banana Phone!

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!
Banana Phone!

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!
Banana Phone!

I’ve got this feeling
It’s so appealing
For us to get together and sing!

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!
Banana Phone!

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! Ding!
Banana Phone!!!

It grows in bunches
I’ve got my hunches
It’s the best!
Beats the rest!
Cellular, Modular, Interactive-odular!

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!
Banana Phone!

Ping! Pong! Ping! Pong! Ping! Pong! Ping!
Banana Phone!

It’s no baloney!
It ain’t a pony !
My Cellular, Bananular Phone!

*tackles Owen*

=^-^= I love my Owen!!! =^-^=

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 10:05 PM |

Monday, May 17, 2004

I Got Me Some Pretty Electrical Tape!!!

I just got back from tae kwon do a bit ago. I was tested on some basic things that i learned a while ago, like stances and what to do when the instructer guy says a certian korean word and all that good stuff. so now i have red and white electrical tape on my belt deal. on wednesday ill have blue aswell because ill have done the blocks. yipeeness! OH CRAP!!!! I have german that needs doing! I have a paper and a movie to make...oh...god im so's all Les Mis's fault too, i was only awake at my house for maybe an hour a day so i had no time to do any of that. God....that was ridiculous...and it's not like we were working on projects in class so i had no way of getting it done, so yeah. I'm fucked. Beautiful...

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Jenny :~: 9:01 PM |

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

So Jenny, How Have You Been?

Well, I've been pretty spiffy's kinda strange...i feel like there's something i should be worrying about. Some impending doom that i have to work out before all my world collapses in on itself...but truth is...nothing's wrong...Life has been running pretty smoothly. It's pleasant even. Enjoyable. Most enjoyable, considering the company i have *throws look at Owen**it hits him in to forehead**he's knocked unconcious* Poor boy...gotta teach him how to duck sometime...I think i' i dare say it?...Happy...huh. Imagine that.

I joined the martial arts america school thingy today. I get to do all the stuff, no need for invites, because i pay for it all with the monthly stuff. It's crazy expensive but i dont think i'll be quiting this any time soon so we're good. I got me a Ninja-Suit! Lol, just a plain tae kwon do jacket and pants thing. I've decided to call it my "Ninja-Suit" though because it just sounds funner. Maybe I'll come up with a real name for it though, like how Callan named her, i'm liking Ninja-Suit.

I'm in a play! And I actually have lines! EEE! It's Owen's play and he didnt want to have Bell or Kat in it in the first place, so that kinda knocked out the "YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A ROLE! EVER! BECAUSE YOU SUCK!" factor, but hey! I still got a role! *dances the dance of a happy jenny* I'm Ela! ^-^! I'm not supposed to be sappy! ^-^! I'm in love with Phillip, the man dressed as an old lady! (From Brazil, where the nuts come from)

Well, I'm off. Laters!

(> ")>

P. S.~ there's new stuff on my discription thing to your right by the way.

Jenny :~: 9:40 PM |