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Name - Jenny
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Age - 18. That's right. I can buy pr0n, cigarettes, vote, and get legally executed! PIMP.
Country - USA. Woot. *waves flag*
Likes - Martial Arts. Yum.
Dislikes - I don't like dieing. It's a bit uncomfortable and it kinda tickles.
Watching - Advent Children... Why am I not that awesome?
Reading - Hanakimi
Playing - WoW, Dirge of Cerberus, FFVII
Listening - my fan creaking as it spins
Eating - frosted tree-shaped pretzels
Drinking - BAWLS!
Singing - Various RENT songs...
Mood - *gnaws on stapler* Guess.



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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

You're the smirk,a frown-smile hybrid that's a
little bit cocky and usually associated with
evil or arrogant,but attractive people.You
probably just don't give a damn,but it's
everyone else's fault if you don't because
you're too awesome to have any real faults.

What Kind of Smile are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

YES! Score! I LOVE smirks!!! Heh heh heh, i am favorite kind of smile...yes...

<<>>???What Kind Of Angel R You???<<>>( Anime Pics )

brought to you by Quizilla

I'm evil...again...all well, i'm still overjoyed that i got smirk!

It's Sarah's birthday and Owen got home today and it's New Years...why must everything happen on the same day? *cries blood* Hmm...I'll have to give Sarah her birthday present sometime...and I can see if i can do something with the Annie and the Owen tomorrow...Meh! I want to have my Jacob New Years AND go to Sarah's party AND see the Owen! But no, it has to all happen on the same day. That's just my luck...but i still got the smirk! Heh heh heh! Wee! I'm just in a really good yet sad mood's kinda might have been all the Buffy fun...*jumps up and down in excitement* I LOVE BtVS!!! It always makes me happy! As does Angel/Spike fic! Gotta love the bickering...inless it's a sad fic...then it's just...sad...this quote i got from the A/S fic i just read a bit ago made me happy:

"Angel: (in a morbid sing song manner) Spiiiiiike.....get your ass back here......I'm going to stake you to my wall, paint a dartboard on your stomach and get the kitchen kniiiiiiiives....."

Oh, violence can be soooo fun!

Much love and MAny hugs everyone!

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 7:19 PM |

I deleted the crazy post. I read over it and...that was just...stupid. Too stupid. I sounded like an idiot, which i am, everything in it was true, but to save me the embarrasment, it was deleted. And i edited my last post. The last quiz i took, the one i got legolas on, I didnt actually read the title until after i took it...I just saw LOTR and clicked, it was actually the "Which Lord of the Rings person do you want" quiz...i didnt pay attention and now it looks like i actually am attracted to people...can't have that. One thing I've kept going for me through out all my life (except for jake...he doesn't count 'cause he' makes him special) is that i've never been attracted to anyone. The only 'crush' (god i hate that word) i ever had on some one was Jake. Plus Jake is the only boyfriend i've every had. Makes him rather special. But yes, Jenny keeps up her spitefulness in that sense now since i'm not all crazy anymore like in 8th grade. I just got done hosting my own personal Buffy Fest for my jacob and myself. Twas barrels of fun. But i must be off, Happy New Years to you all! Welcome back Owen!!! Tah Tah!

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 5:43 PM |

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Lol! Now this shows you either these quizzes are REALLY screwed up or I'M just really screwed up. I took the feeling quiz again and I got the following:

You represent... kindness.
You represent... kindness.
You're a very gentle, kind, and caring individual.
You truely care about people and are generally
well-liked. Though sometimes you may be
perceived as weak, you truely have a strong
heart and a good desire to help others.

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla

Anger suits me better, really, it does. This kinda fits, but not so much. I'm sticking with Anger as the final answer.

Originally, when i first took this "What type of Soul do you have" quiz, i got the same thing as Annie...again. It was Sorrow, which kinda works, but i took it again anyways and got the doesnt really work for me though...

You are naturally born with a gift, whether it be
poetry, writing or song. You love beauty and
creativity, and usually are highly intelligent.
Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yet
also bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
brought to you by Quizilla

AHH!!! I did the Where will i go when i die quiz and this is the result, Lol!

Hell: You are most likely not an evil or bad
person, but are quite troubled at the moment.
Something is probably bothering you intensly.
With so much emotion bottled up, Hell will let
you release your anger. (please rate my quiz)

**Where will you go when you die?**
brought to you by Quizilla

Hahaha! I'm goin' ta HELL!!! Lol, wow, that made my day...heehee

And here is the "Deeper look inside yourself" quiz

You, my friend are a true individual. You most
likely hate trends and are creative. By seeing
things differently, people either admire you or
think you are a bit strange. I'm guessing you
are a lot like me. Perhaps a Good Charlotte
hater? I hope so. An inspiration to us all,
continue being you!

A Deeper Look Inside Yourself
brought to you by Quizilla

Lol! I HATE Good Charlotte! They should burn! Stupid band...I like whoever made this quiz...

Why am i so evil?! Lol! Here's the Greek god


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

AGAIN! I AM EVIL!!! What the monkey?!

Your Fairy Colour Is Black

Saw LOTR.....i had called to me...

Congratulations! You're Legolas!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Tree Fairy thats what you are
Please rate my quiz even if it is a 1 thanks

Which Fairy are you?(for anyone many out comes)
brought to you by Quizilla


Please rate my quiz I worked hard on it thanks

Which Lord of the Rings person do you want? (many out comes for anyone plus pics to)
brought to you by Quizilla

...erm...i didnt notice that this quiz was which LOTR person do you WANT until after i took it...i just saw Lord of The Rings and dont really want any of them...keep in mind this is me...i dont get attracted to people...i just have my jacob...meh...


(> ")>

Jenny :~: 9:25 PM |

Monday, December 29, 2003

Hmm...I'm going to take the quizzes that annie put on her blog...sexual appeal...not really something i'm interested in, but whatever. It shall keep me entertianed.


What's your sexual appeal?
brought to you by Quizilla

Here's the Rose quiz...the results sound more like jake...but they work.

Your soul is bound to the Solitary Rose: The

"When I wake up alone, the shades are still
drawn on the cold window pane so they cast
their lines on my bed and lines on my

The Solitary Rose is associated with loneliness,
melancholy, and patience. It is governed by
the goddess Merope and its sign is The Sword,
or Unrequited Love.

As a Solitary Rose, you may be summed up as a
hopeless romantic. You desire love and have so
much love to give, but thing just never seem to
work out the way you want them to. In life,
you can be very optomistic, even when things
are gray and nothing works out to your

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
brought to you by Quizilla

cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed

What Sign of Affection Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmm...I got the same as annie again...we do share a brain/ there was a whole thing with that earlier, we said the same thing like, 3 times in a row. it was funny.

As Annie said on her blog (we still sahare a brain/soul!...hmm...) Proof that these quizzes lie:

You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

And my what feeling am i quiz:

You represent... anger.
You represent... anger.
Mad at the world, eh? You have a tendency to...
freak out easily. Overly emotional about
everything, you're most prone to bouts of
cruelty and moodiness. Other people may be
afraid of the fact that you explode so easily,
but at least you're honest... even if you're
honest about not liking anything.

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla

The freaking out about things and the moodiness i can understand...i dont usually explode on, wow, im anger...hmm...I should have gotten spite or cynicism. Or seething self-loathing. That'd work too.

Ok, I'm done. I think I'm gonna change my template...hmm...AMYNESS!!!

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 6:51 PM |

Sunday, December 28, 2003

I just went and looked at Matt's blog...It's awesome! Tee hee! I love it. I shall make a link. As soon as i post. My life has become incredibly boring...not that it wasn't before. boring, that is. I have nothing to post for you people. I'm sorry. Please forgive me...not really. I dont care if you forgive me...and im not really sorry to be honest...just bored out of my mind. And tired. Tired of the same old problems that will never be solved inless someone dies. Preferably me. Or the rest of the world would just make more problems. But it might solve the ones i already have! =D Yippee! I dont think i'm going to beable to go see owen at Karankowa (i really dont know how to spell that...) because it's half an hour away, i doubt that my mom will take me and Annie doesnt have that kind of gas. And I'm not sure if she's allowed to go to West Columbia...or if i'm allowed to go there with her...hmm...that sucks...its gonna be another two hours before jake gets back for doing some man-nature sport with Darren (his mom's boyfriend)...In the mean time, I'm playing with my handy dandy new portable mp3 player. I'm listening to Sarah MacLachlan songs and getting in touch with my despair. It's a party...i think i'll go download songs some time...dont feel like it now...does anyone aside for annie still read this thing? Honestly? It's utter crap. Me rambling on about my day. You dont get the juicey internal conflicts i have anymore. Im not depressed enough for things to be interesting yet....Schade ("Too bad" in German). I think i'll go ax murder all the Hot Topic people...stupid pricks...And the mall rent-a-cops as well...and while I'm at it, I'll hunt down that stupid girl from Claire's. I'm fully prepared to put the blame on her and Adam. Why? Because it's easier to blame them then say that i was an idiot and made an incredibly stupid mistake. It's much easier to just hate people. Ah, spite. I love spite...Where would i be without it?...i think my soul is gone. I dont feel anything anymore. Not love, not, i do...i just dont care about it. But thats not right either...that's the thing about me. There's nothing you can say about me that wont contradict some other aspect of me. I honestly have no idea who i am or what my ethics or ideals of beliefs, whatever, are. That kind of presents a problem...I dont know what i want. I dont know what i need. I dont know what i like or what i hate...except that i hate papercuts...and J.Lo. That woman should drown in her own vomit... I like living. It's not always fun, but it's better than being dead. It's enjoyable at times. I'm not suicidal. I'll tell you that. I'm not insanely depressed either. I'm just...indifferent, i guess. Bleh...i dont care. This subject bores me. I'm done. Bye.

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 3:30 PM |

erm....sorry about that post....i went crazy again....ignore it...Well, I'm home now! We opened the remaining presents. I got a bracelot (whats up with all the jewelry? i bearly ever wear jewelry...) and a portable mp3 player! It's super spiffy! I'm speaking to my annie at the moment-o. I dont think i'm going to post my recordings of the trip. First of all, they are just me babbling...except for this one part where i was on the airplane and i was really bored and in a strange mood and there was something with the girl sitting in front of me...i might post that was kinda interesting...hmm...but the rest is just, bleh. much like everything else i post on here, but i'm just to lazy right now. So...yeah. You're saved. You can bring your second borns out of their hiding spaces now. Let's see...what to babble jacob is supposed to be coming over so...WITH MY PRESENT!!! *skips, jumps, claps, sings* And supposedly there is some big suprise with the stuff he received for christmas. He keeps tell me that he's going to buy me stuff...i dont want him to spend his money on me...he got a ton for christmas and i want him to spend it on him...seeing as it's his money and all...he spends too much money on me...really he does...everytime he gets a bunch of money he buys me something...he likes making me happy. It makes him happy....*rapid subject change* I dont know if owen took his cell phone to camp...i need to ask for directions to karankowa...actually, my parents know how to get there, but i need to ask when a good time to come would be...And i need to get gas for Annie's truck so that we can go...And i need to give Annie money so that she can get me that shirt at Hot Topic...hmm...i must flee now...toodles!

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 12:02 PM |

Friday, December 26, 2003

hmmm, my chatter box is being gay, but this is my response to your last comment, annie

don't forget duck tape, that's always an is sticking you in a refrigerator box and mailing you to Hong Kong...i mean...uh...oklahoma...where your phillip is...yeah....*quickly hides Hong Kong postage stuff behind her back*

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 11:44 PM |

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Yay! It's Christmas!!! Today has been frickin' awesome! We went to the coast thats by all the cliffs and the military monuments and junk and it was raining a little and it was really foggy and windy and i was running and jumpy and skipping and my hair got incredibly damp and totally messed up. I looked like a banchee child. I bought a red tailed hawk stuffed animal. Danny and i were calling it the devil bird and named it El Diablo. (we couldn't figure out what 'bird' was in spanish) I ranted about the map of spanish conquerors not having Ponce De Leon: Conqueror of Florida on the map. I also listened to the information picture thing in German and pretended like i knew what it was saying. I only understood numbers, Ich and Sie, which could have been 'you' or 'they' or something entirely different. Then Danny and i discovered that there were tide pools and i recall Danny saying "I don't want to learn anything, i just want to see the tide pools!" right as a park ranger was walking by and gave him a funny look. So we went to see the tide pools. It was wet and rainy and i played with all the little critters in the water and i climbed around and slipped and almost died a couple times, and the fact that my glasses got all rained on and i had to take the off didnt help much...but it kinda made it even more fun! WEE!!! Happy days! Hey! Why aren't you people using the comment thing?! They're just sitting there all useless! Use them or I'll come after you! I will! Annie got a cell phone! Yay! I left 3 message of complete random boredness on her phone. Well, i have to go check blogs, toodles noodles!

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 7:24 PM |

IT'S CHRISTMAS!! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! I'M SO EXCITED I THINKI'M GOING TO WET MYSELF!!! This morning i woke up and went and jumped on danny's bed and hit him with a pillow and then he went all crazy and put me in a head lock...we opened 3 presents per person, seeing as that was all we could fit in our bags. the rest are waiting for us at home. GAH! I have to call people! Jake isn't answering his phone...he's probably at his grandmummies domain....i haven't tried to phone annie or owen yet...i was hoping they were online, but no. Amy's online, she's telling me what she got in her presents. So far, i have the following: ring, earings, watch, sweater. All very nice. Well, I must be going. I'll try to call people later and wish them merry christmases. Toodles!

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 11:44 AM |

Wednesday, December 24, 2003


(> ")>

Jenny :~: 11:56 PM |

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I have found access to a computer!!! I'm currently in San Diego and I'm dieing over here!!! This is what i get for spending too much time around the Annie and the Owen. You tend to grow attached to the little freaks and you get all sad when you have to leave them. Today I went a-shoppin'. I bought a book and accidently bought post cards for my Jacob and Annie and Owen. First, I just meant to get one for Annie. I saw a fairy post card at Hot Topic and it was like the ones she has so I got it for her, then I saw a Breakfast Club post card and Jake is in love with that movie, so i bought that for him as well, and then i saw a postcard of the huge Mormon temple that they have here in San Diego (they also have on in Los Angeles, I took a picture, it's awesome...but not as awesome as Polish cathedrals...) and I got that for Mormon Man (the Owen). But yes, tis quite fun here in the land of the Californians. I like it. But i miss my little weirdos. I've keeping records of things so...yeah. It's good. Oh! ANNIE! I need you to do me a favor dearest! I saw the bestest shirt ever at hot topic but they only had X-large so i need you to go to the local one and see if they have a black shirt with red sleeves that has a picure of two fairies on it and one of the fairies has the other one in a head lock and is beating up on her. I promise you i will pay you back as soon as i make my return! Trust me, i've got the money...and then some. OWEN!!! GET YOUR BUM ONLINE YOU STRANGE LITTLE MAN!!!I'm about to call you and tell you to do so...except in order to do that i would need a phone...and i left my phone in my room...and it's 10:30 over there...i don't want to be waking anyone up...but if he doesn't get online and i end up not talking to him for 2 weeks...some one's getting a beatin'. I'm going to try to be online tomorrow night and the one after that and such. growl...I'll try to call some time tomorrow...Annie, i tried to call you today bt nobody answered! *crys hysterically* I MISS YOU PEOPLE!!! you have to be online!!! YOU HAVE TO!!! i'm going to email all of you and if you aren't online tomorrow night...well...i'll...i' something that's not good!!! Moving on! If you ever want to feel worthless, go to Los Angeles. That's become my theory. I love the town...but's really depressing...But yeah. I went on a tour of the harbor today. There was this crazy Asia man that kept talk to Danny. He was a psycho. It's really cold here. Well, I'm going to go email and look at blogs, I plan on being back tomorrow, same time, sam place. Laters! i love you all!!!

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 10:58 PM |

Saturday, December 20, 2003

I'm off to the land they call "California" in a few minutes! I'll be writing down a bunch of stuff to post so, that's right, when i get back there will be lost of VERY LONG posts and you'll be sitting there reading until your eyes rot in your skull!!! Muwhahaha! And I'll be stealing your second born this time! (That means you Annie!...but only if one of your parents read my blog...well...fine then) EEEE!!! Jenny is excited! I get to go to California! Wee!I get to see the seals! And maybe the whales too!!!! WEEEEE!!!! Well, I'm off! Annie hug Owen for me, Owen hug Annie for me, Sarah hug hmm...Well, hug someone who you see alot for me and someone that sees Sarah alot hug Sarah for me and EVERYONE hug Ross for me and Annie, also hug Phillip for me...And...hmmm...hug Owen again, just for good measure. Byes! Much love!

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 10:26 AM |

Friday, December 19, 2003

Ok, well, I'm going to be in California for the next week. So that means no posts. So sad. Today was super awesome if you dont count the morning. This morning, I got to hug my Owen....but then my Jacob walked up and there was yet another fight...we found ANOTHER compromise. At least Jake and I's relationship is left on a very good note while I leave for the week. I had a great day. I'm feeling wonderful. I'm going to have to wake up early tomorrow and go to California and do stuff. So laters. I love you all! Have a GREAT Christmas!

(> ")> And now for our regularly scheduled Kirby...

Jenny :~: 10:22 PM |

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Owen, I am so so sorry. I'm sorry I sent you the message through Annie. I'm sorry that I didn't have the guts to talk to you about it. I'm sorry that I told you it was ok when it wasn't. It's all my fault and I really didn't mean to make you sad. I'm so so incredibly sorry. You have every right to hate me for the rest of eternity. I'm sorry....

Jenny :~: 8:15 PM |

I got my Nirvana...burned it from Amy's cd...Now i can sulk good and proper...Lord knows i need too. Now you all get to read lyrics to my favorite songs. If you've heard all the Nirvana songs, this post is useless to you. If you haven't...well, this post its still useless to you...It just shows of my Copy/Paste skills. so here we go!

You've Got No Right / On The Mountain / You Know You're Right
I would never bother you
I would never promise to
I would never follow you
I would never bother you

Never speak a word again
I will crawl away for good

I will move away from here
You won't be afraid of fear

No thought was put into this
Always knew it would come to this

Things have never been so swell
I have never felt this well

I have never felt so frail/
I have never failed to feel/
I have never felt to feel/
I have never failed to fail)

You know you're right (x3)

I'm so warm and calm inside
I no longer have to hide

Let's talk about someone else
Sterling silver begins to melt

Steaming soup against her mouth/
Steaming soup begins to melt)

Nothing really bothers her
She just wants to love herself

I will move away from here
You won't be afraid of fear

No thought was put into this
Always knew it would come to this

Things have never been so swell
I have never felt this well

I have never felt so frail/
I have never failed to feel/
I have never felt to feel/
I have never failed to fail)

You know you're right (x17)

I'm so happy 'cause today
I've found my friends ...
They're in my head
I'm so ugly, but that's okay, 'cause so are you ...
We've broken our mirrors (Alt: We broke our mirrors)
Sunday morning is everyday for all I care ...
And I'm not scared
Light my candles, in a daze
'Cause I've found god
Hey, hey hey (x6)

I'm so lonely, but that's okay, I shaved my head ...
And I'm not sad
And just maybe I'm to blame for all I've heard ...
But I'm not sure
I'm so excited, I can't wait to meet you there ...
But I don't care
Hey, hey hey (x6)

I like it - I'm not gonna crack
I miss you - I'm not gonna crack
I love you - I'm not gonna crack
I killed you - I'm not gonna crack

I'm so happy 'cause today
I've found my friends ...
They're in my head
I'm so ugly, but that's okay, 'cause so are you ...
We've broken our mirrors (Alt: We broke our mirrors)
Sunday morning is everyday for all I care ...
And I'm not scared
Light my candles in a daze ...
'Cause I've found god
Hey, hey hey (x6)

I like it - I'm not gonna crack
I miss you - I'm not gonna crack
I love you - I'm not gonna crack
I killed you - I'm not gonna crack

The Man Who Sold The World
We passed upon the stair
We spoke of was and when
Although I wasn't there
He said I was his friend
Which came as a surprise
I spoke into his eyes
I thought you died alone
A long long time ago

Oh no, not me
We never lost control
You're face to face
With The Man Who Sold The World

I laughed and shook his hand
And made my way back home
I searched for form and land (Alt: I searched for foreign land)
For years and years I roamed
I gazed a gazely stare
At all the millions here (Alt 1: We walked a million years)(Alt 2: With multimillionaires)(Alt 3: We walked a million hills)
I must have died alone (Alt: I must have died along)
A long, long time ago

Who knows?
Not me
We never lost control
You're face to face
With the Man who Sold the World

Like i said...there will be no Kirby today. I've hurt to many people to have any happiness today.

Jenny :~: 2:00 PM |

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

there will be no kirby today.

Jenny :~: 1:26 PM |

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I called Jake last night. I really shouldn't have. It was good for a little while, and then it got really really bad...I'm an idiot.

(> ")>

Jenny :~: 6:57 AM |

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Today was a weird mix between horrible and excellent. Horrible because stuff with Jake ripping my soul from me and excellent because I had lots of fun with my friends. Owen ate lunch with us and we sang about Real Men of Genius and after school i missed the bus and annie owen and i got rides home with sarah (poor annie left her lights on and now the car's all dead) and owen went to my house with me. I finally beat some one at Ghost Recon!!!!! YES!!! *does her victory dance* but then he was the first person to succeed in stealing my hiking boot off of me while it was all tied up. So i lose and win. At least i don't fail completely! Yay! Go me! And a half! I went christmas shopping today and found something for one person....i know what i want to get my brother but no one has it! and I know what i'm going to get for dad and mom, it's just a matter of actually buying it. I have stuff for jake and annie but not for owen! Annie and i have organized a Shopping For Owen day. On thursday we're going to go places and find stuff for him. Crazy little speeder/random lane changer man! WEEELL, I think i'm going to go sulk about thing while being incredible hyper...No, I'm not, not yet. I ran out of all my black spiteful jenny stuff! I've lost! I woke up today and i had 1 black shirt. ONE!!! I used to own all black things and weird depressing yet fun things and i loved them and now they're all gone! I don't know where they went too! I have no more black nail polish, which i dont miss that much....but still! I do! AND I WANT MY NIRVANA!!!! I have two exams that i'm dreading tomorrow...IPC and theatre...You'd think i'd like theatre...but no. I dread it. bleh. I have to take P.E. next semester...i want to switch it out for tech theatre...they're at the same time i think...Well, now i have to go sulk. And dread. And do other such things because i cant call jake...damn...ok bye

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I've got "You Know You're Right" stuck in my head....GAH!!! WHERE IS MY NIRVANA?!?!?!?!?!

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Monday, December 15, 2003

DAMNIT!!! i can't find my freaking Nirvana cd! And considering i lost it about half a year ago, it doesn't really suprise me but still! I am seriously in the mood for Nirvana! In fact, i've never been in more of a mood for Nirvana. I've got the cynical thing going, the laughing at how pathetic i am, i've even got the suicidal thing working for me. It's just like 8th grade but with longer hair. Wow, i just noticed that I'm wearing the same clothes that i wore back then too. Oh, i miss 8th grade. Now that year was more fun than a pillow fight, i'll tell ya. Annie says she almost killed Owen. She says no one would miss her if she'd died. She's crazy. She really doesn't see how much she means to everyone. She doesn't see all that she has, all her talents and her wonderful little traits and everything. She doesn't get it. Of course people would miss her. Of course there would be crying people everywhere. She would be very dearly missed. Crazy child. Well, here i am, typing away. Look at me type. Yippee. Seems like the only thing i'm good at, but then again i suck at typing...hmm...let's play the 'what use is jenny' game...hmm...i can't act...i can't sing...i can't even keep jake happy, who only wants one simple thing from me. Yup. I'm useless. May as well take me out back and shoot me. Well, that's all i've got to say. bye

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Owen's going to Utah. For college. And his family's going to be in Colorado so after he leaves here we'll probably never see him again. Wow. A whole bunch in fact. Annie's been carrying on and on about it. I prefer to just sit and be sad. Hopefully Owen won't read this and be sad. Or he could read it and just not be sad. That would work. Annie was making him all guilty this morning. Well, he's got to go off to college. Get ed-u-ma-cate-ed. Even if he did go to somewhere around here he probably wouldn't have time for us anyways with the college and all. so...yeah. fin.

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Let's review Saturday. I went to Jamie's house. Figured out Annie and Owen had already left to go watch his concert. Got Mr. Anderson (Sphinx guy man) to drive me to the Center, because i didn't know a lot of the people there and i didn't like them either. Honestly, If i hadn't gotten money from Mrs. Bowley (bless her soul, that lovely woman) I would have stayed outside and froze to death rather than go back to that party. Jay was there. It took a lot of restraint to keep for ripping his rib cage out and wearing it as a hat. Well anyways, I borrowed some money from Mrs. Bowley (which I paid back. Owen tried to give me money to pay but I wouldn't let him. Silly little man) and I got a seat behind Annie. It was a really good concert. I liked it. Very pretty. Then we went back to Jamie's. There was some idiots getting high off of computer cleaner. Owen tried to get it from the guy that had it. I could have sworn the guy was ready to get into a fight with him. That wouldn't have been fun. Too many people getting in fights these days. It's stupid. I really didn't like that kid. Never did. I don't know his name though... But I don't really care to so it doesn't matter. Anyways, he didn't get the stuff from him. We stood out there for a while. At one point I said something about getting him screwed up off of that stuff and the guy said "Why does it matter" or something to that effect and I really wanted to say that it really didn't because if he's stupid enough to do stuff like that then he's just wasting space and is better off dead. I don't really mean it. I don't want anyone dead. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I was just in a really mad mood that day. It was somewhere between bitter and lost for purpose and just plain depressed. I still am. All well. I'll get over it. Or find something else to put my mind to. It always works out that way. I don't want to bother people with my crap. They've got their own stuff to deal with. I talk to Ross about stuff though. He's a great friend. Everyone should have a Ross. Oh, by the by, I finally got around to changing of the description stuff on the right. Go ahead and look at it. Or don't. Whatever suits you. Well anyways, we sat around inside for a while. Jay was gone, but then Micheal came and I started getting the urge to be very very violent again.

Well, Then some other stuff happened. Some one said 'Strip Spin the Bottle" and Annie, Owen and I got in Owen's car and left. He drove us to Sonic and got us some drink slush things. Very nice of him. He's a nice person. I took us 20 minutes to figure out what Annie wanted. She was really sad about something. At one point, she tried to leave and walk back to Jamie's but Owen and I brought her back. I don't know what she was so sad about, I didn't bother to ask though. Even if i did, i wouldn't be posting it on here. That's Annie's business. I started getting blamed for saying stuff about her the other day. I don't recall having any of those thoughts about her but...ok. Anyways, Owen drove us around somemore. He tried to find Anique's house but he couldn't figure out which it was and Annie didn't want to go meet someone new anyways. She thinks Anique doesn't like her. Crazy head. Well, I don't recall where we went after that. I was almost asleep in the back seat most of the time anyways. Annie and Owen were talking to each other about something or other. I choose to sulk amongst Owen's clothes. He was still wearing his tuxedo from the concert and had some extra clothes in the back with me. We drove by the crazy-ly light up christmas house, i remember that. We went to Owen's church and I called him Mormon Man. I should have gotten them to go to my church. Too bad we weren't in Poland. Lot's of beautiful cathedrals there. Lots of Castles too. I love the castles, they're my favorite ever. Well, then we ended up driving by Sam's house and debating whether to go in or not. (I learned today that Sam wasn't even there) So then Owen parked us in the parking lot of i think Polk Elementary school and we stayed there for a really long time. Annie and Owen were talking about something or other. I don't know. I was petting my slush and staring at the back of Owen's seat. Owen ended up changing clothes in the car while Annie and i hid under the trench coats. That was interesting. Then Annie and Owen did some cuddling thing and I got into Owen's seat with him because i got a sudden burst of energy but then i heard something about Annie having cute boobs and I went back to my seat. Then we sat somemore. i got attacked by them while i was hiding in my trench coat and sulking. I would have given them a hug or something like that but i was kinda dead. I hope I didn't ruin their spirits. Then there was somemore stuff and we went back to the party. I sat about. Owen showed me Zen Tickling. Very funny stuff. Silly Owen. Annie was sad somemore. Poor Annie. I don't know what was getting her down but she was really out of it. Then my mom came and got me. When i got home i sulked good and proper. Tears and all. It's winter, what the hell else do you expect from me?...well, none of you people really know me that i guess you wouldn't expect that. Well, don't worry. It wasn't anything new. Nothing I can't get over.

Weirdness is happening with me and Jake, but with the way things are lately, it doesn't suprise me.
Today at school i was dead. This explains my mood prefectly: Screw it all, everything's just gonna go up in flames anyways so why bother... This morning I was scolded by Jake. Yet again. Owen picked me up and spun me around and Jake didn't like it. There's something different with me and Jake. New thing. Can't say. Not untill christmas break. It's the rules. And I'm not going to post it on here anyways. So forget I even said that. I would go back and delete it but I'm too lazy. Then I went to Multimedia and wished I was dead for an hour and a half. I seriously did. It sucked. A lot. Owen went to German with me. He only stayed for about half the class period though. We were just reviewing and there was no funny german stories so it was boring. Jake was getting moody because i brought a friend in there, not because it was owen, just because i took one of my friends to class with me. He was saying something about me doing everything with them. Which i kinda have been doing lately. All well. Like I said. Screw it. It's going to be going up in flames any minute now. You just wait and see. It all will and then everyone will be pissed at me for it. Great. Beautiful. Absolutely freaking perfect. I have to study my history and geometry today. I've got those exams tomorrow. I'm going to fail them anyways. It doesn't matter. And i have to memorize that last bit from the Midsummer night's dream peice that dylan and i are doing for final exam in theatre. Crap. I still haven't gotten my braces out. I hate these things. They're ripping up the inside of my mouth. Well i need to something...anything. I'll go find some really depression, sad fanfic to read. Yeah, I'll do that. Laters.

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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Oh my god...Jake and i actually got through it...i didn't think we would. This was the first time that he actually threatened to break up with me. I thought we were done for but...No. In fact, we're even better off. I'm so happy!!!And i still get to hug my Owen! Yay! Well, I'm going to Jamie's Birthday party today. I went and got stuff for her a little while ago. I killed my hand trying to wrap it. I must flee and take a shower now though. Bah-Bye!

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Friday, December 12, 2003

I'm sorry i haven't been posting lately things have just been....really really bad.I hate being at school because in all my class i'm having to work my ass off to raise up grades. I hate being at home because my parents and i are on the verge of getting into a ton of little fights like we did before. Things with jake and i are...well...i don't know if well still be together by the end of the day. There is a ton of problems we have that we can't work out because we have oppisite positions on ALL of them and we're far too stubborn to give it up. I dread seeing him now. That's horrible saying that, but i do. I know we'll just get into another fight. I'm getting sick again and the daily headachs are coming back. I'll be going to the nurse for tylenol everyday again now. I'm sure we'll become good pals. Every day it's getting worse and worse. Except for yesterday. Yesterday was fun. I got to play the pretend-to-be-a-sneaky-army-man game with Annie while we were waiting for Owen to get done with light hanging then Owen, Annie and I went to Annie's house and played on the trampoline and then i got to see my christmas present that Annie got me, it's the cutest little puppy, and it sings!!! Then we went and watched Owen's orchestra concert, it was great, but of course, i got home and jake called and we got into yet another fight. I have to go work on stuff now. I have to memorize the pyramus and thesby thing from Midsummer's Night Dream by Monday and i have to do a geometry review and i have to study my history stuff and i have to find someway to work out things with jake. All i want to do is either go to sleep as a happy person with friends that she can hug all she wants and a boyfriend that isn't going to leave her at any given moment or i want to go to jamie's house with Annie and sit and watch movies and be all happy, but the chances of my parents actually letting me do that are smaller than the chances of me learning how to fly. I also have to convince them to let me go to jamie's tomorrow night for her b-day party and i have to tell them that i need to meet with dylan tomorrow at 2 to work on our duet at the very last minute. All in all, I'd much rather be sleeping. But i can't go to sleep now either. Oh the many wonders of depression. bye.

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Monday, December 08, 2003

oh wait, that one post did go through...well in that case. yay. i still have sulking in order though so...bye.

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i had a huge post on here before but the window froze up and now it's gone...i lost the urge to write stuff now so you dont get to know what happened at bay city contest thing. Today sucked except for my moment of freedon at the end of the day when i got to hang out with annie and owen before my dad scolded me and told me to come home. I think i'm going to tell him that i'm going to be staying after school for a while doing work in the theatre or something to that effect, so i can stay after school with people and not ride on my bus. I hate that godforsaken thing. I need a ride home everyday though...i can't tell them that i'll be getting a ride home with annie because i'm not allowed...and that's the only person i would be able to get a ride home with everyday...and she's the only person that stays around after school that i could get a ride home with...damn. i'm glad that my parents are protective, but i wish they weren't quite so much. i barely ever get to see my friends outside of school. And jake doesn't count as a friend because he's boyfriend and gets a free pass. all i can say is damn. moving on. Another sucky A day. I didn't get an assignment in in history. I was absent on the day we finish up the Taks thing in english and my stupid english teacher turned it in uncomplete and now my grade for that assignment is a 56. She says she'll check that and try to get it changed. In Geometry, I found out that i now have a 71, which is utter crap. Last year i was making a 97 in Algebra and i was doing all my work and everything, and then i come to this class with this teacher who gives us stuff to copy down, hands us the homework and tests and expects us to know how to do everything perfectly. But luckily, with all this crap, I'll probably end up with most grades being 92 or above and one 82. It always happens that way. I do last minute things, and i swear to you i am the luckiest person that ever walked this earth as far as pulling things through goes. i just hope it'll work again. God i hate high school...well, i'm off to sulk. bye.

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Sunday, December 07, 2003

I hate mowing the lawn. It leaves me alone with my thoughts for far too long. I shouldn't be allowed to think. Not during Winter with the lack of my happy sun chemicals, (if you never read the post about that...well...i don't feel like explaining so ask me later). I was already depressed earlier, now I am even more so. Great. All my energy is gone so I'm going to save you the whining. Basically, old problems that I'll never get over and that don't really matter anyways, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, no one cares, the end, moving on, I went to bay city yesterday for contest. It was fun. I spent the day with Callan and a jingle bell. On the bus ride up, Phillip and I sat together and tried to stay warm. It didn't work. Stupid Winter. When we got there, Callan and i went searching around for people that weren't at the table in the cafeteria while eating a bunch of giant pixie stix. We took the role of the patrol people thingys that kept track of everyone. At first it was just Zach missing, and we couldn't find him with all our wandering around, so we went back to the table to check inventory and found that Ross was missing as well as some other people. We found Elizabeth in the halls and found Kat as well. Later we ran into Ross. We found Zach about an hour later at the table and were planning on scolding him, but then we got all intimidated and ran away. We found a jingle bell in the bathroom and put it on a stick we found outside and started ringing it at everyone. We were talking to Kat later and she pointed out this tall blond guy that was all pretty that she liked. Callan named him "Dutchman" and that was something (as was the bell ringing and the hall wandering) that we carried on throughout the day. At 9:30 we went to go read our prose. Callan had forgotten her documentation and Kat and Bellami advised her to fail so that she wouldn't be disqualified at semis, and so she did. Then, after she had screwed it up on purpose, right when she was sitting down, Kat burst in with the book she needed and told her she had documentation. Poor Callan, she was so sad. She was happy through out the day, but that still really got her down. Poor Callan. That was the day of Irony. First irony thing was, she had a fortune cookie thing that said "Ask for the advise of others, but go with what your mind tells you" and another one was that we had switched jacket ealier and we made a joke about how the jackets would be good luck for each other, then we said that it would be funny if it ended up that Callan's jacket would be the lucky one and she would end up screwing up her peice. And the whole situation with the documantation was ironic. So that was sad for Callan.

I broke out of prelims. It seriously suprised me. I thought I had done horribly, but whatever. Another ironic thing, As soon as i got up to start my peice, my mind went blank and i stuttered through the whole thing and improvised a bunch of it, but on the sheet, the lady put "very good intro"...once again, whatever, i'm just happy i broke out of prelims. My semi's peice sucked. I went over the time limit. As soon as the girl put up the no more time sign, I paused for a second then thought "well i'm gonna finish it anyways! so..there!!!" and i finished it. I got disqualified. I wouldn't have made it to finals anyways. I screwed up a lot and everyone else was really good. So I went and watched Ross and Amy do their duet. It was good, very funny. I liked it, but they didn't advance. Phillip and Seth made it to semis but didn't advance. When i got out of watching Ross and Amy, everyone had left me and gone to Dairy Queen. I told Callan i really wanted to go, but they left, so Ross Amy and I went and met Ben and Lisa there. It was ok. Later, Callan and I ran around outside, we did a lot of that. We went to the balcony and we rolled around in the grass and Callan and Ross play fought. As did Dylan and Ross, which was much more comical. Ross ran and screamed like a sissy man while Dylan chased him with a comb.

Mom bought Pirates of the Caribbean. Jake and I are going to watch it now, more on the subject later. Tah.

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Friday, December 05, 2003

sorry, had to replace my chatterbox, this is what it said before i replaced it:

: -,-
: my blog address changed. you might wanna change that ^-^
: oh, it did? well what's the new address?...i clicked the enable emoticons button...i don't know what's wrong with it!!! *falls over, crys and crys and crys*
: I think they would both be eaten by a verniciouskinid
: but befire the nearest oompa loompa
: heehee! befire! heeheehee!
: JENNY hey have i or annie told you about the list that was 9 and no is only 1? *whispers the name* yeah owens the only person now and he didnt even have to kill anyone
: lol, really? who were 4-9?
: I think owen may have been looking forward to doing away with Zach though...

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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Today I wrote down everything that happened in my day just so that I could type it all here and bore you all in to a mindless stupor, then steal all your valuables! Bwahahaha! Bwahaha! Annie named today "The Day of Owen and Crack" (that's right Owen! There's now 2 days named after you!) so you know it might have a couple parts in it that may be mildly amusing. So! Continuing on to my recordings of the day! Buckle up your seatbelt and lock your valuables away (I know where some of you live...So don't think i was joking...heh heh heh!) here we go!

This morning i woke up and stared at my alarm clock for half an hour. It didn't do any tricks. Made me sad. Mom gave me a ride to school and when i got into the cafeteria, people were playing Magic again. I wish i understood that game. It seems only about as complicated as Star Wars...Which was pretty complicated, but i understood that when i was 12 so I'd probably be able to understand Magic. I remember when my cousin Jason was trying to explain Magic to Danny and me. Mostly I just looked at the pretty pictures. I was only about 9 or 10. Anyways, they were all playing that and then Owen left for a meeting...Or ....Annie..Left for a meeting. Owen let Annie wear his jacket that has his name on it and Annie was like "Oh! I'm Owen now! And that means you're Annie! Tee Hee Hee!" And there was lots of jokes about Annie being Owen. Anyways, Annie and I went walking around the halls, looking for her car keys (and this isn't Owen-Annie, this is Annie-Annie. I'm going to use the real names to save us the confusion) and my English teacher saw me and told me to go finish my essay, so we went to the cafeteria really quick and ate food and got our stuff, I said bye to Jake and went to her class. I finished my essay.

In Speech people gave speeches...Seeing as it's speech...I ate an uncooked cinnamon covered apple thing and watched Adam play with dry ice and now I'm in World History. I finished 2 pages in an 8 page packet that is due today. Well, there goes my 99. Oh, today's starting out just great. Wonderful. Splendid. Maybe later I can have my English teacher talk to me like I'm an idiot and hand in my untouched homework for geometry. I've gotta copy off of Kelsi again. Oh, My grade for history is now a 90. Beautiful. Freaking beautiful. Sorry if I seem bitter, but i get like this from time to time. Knocking 9 points off of my highest grade in my favorite academic class tends to do that to me. Sorry. I got the homework answers from Kelsi. Well, I'm off to read about Exploration and Expansion. *passing of time* Oh my god. I just realized how ill-educated the rest of my history class is (save for Kelsi). We are having a discussion about 'Why can't we just walk off the earth?" and "What if the earth falls?" and my teacher is having to explain gravity and atmospheres and the sun and everything.

Ok, I'm in English now, I had my daily walk-around-and-talk-to-Annie-and-Phillip-until-the-bell-rings and Annie was talking about how her face was colored (people put make up on her) or how Owen's face was colored, her being Owen and all with the jacket. According to Mie Mie, Owen is the third hottest guy in the school, and after Annie made her remark about Owen's face being colored Phillip said "Now he's the 2nd hottest guy in the school." Then we went off about who is the 1st and 2nd in Mie Mie's list. I'm in English now, and not 10 minutes into the class and I've already been spoken to as if I'm a 5 year old. Well, now my day is complete! No no no! Wait! I still need the only slightly edible lunch and i still have to suffer through the class lecture (compliments of Mr. Larson, my geometry teacher) about how I'm (not specifically me, he lectures the whole being a class lecture and all...) going to fail in life and end up living in a box under a bridge, selling crack to keep my 7 children (that I got from prostitution) from dieing because I missed question number 15 on the quiz and because I don't dedicate every morning going to tutorials to learn about things I already understand (I've got a 92 or something in that class). I've actually kept track of whether he gives us a lecture everyday. He only skipped 2 days in a 2 week time period...A days are just annoying...I'm supposed to be reading "The Tales of Sir Lancelot du Lake" but I don't want to. I'm interested in it, but I don't want to read anymore, which is a first. Pff! Monty Python is all the education I'll ever need!

I just got back from lunch. Annie and I were so incredibly hyper! It all started in the hall when we were examining Owen's jacket and I pointed out the 'O. (Owen's last name inserted here that I'm not going to post on the internet for security purposes, all of you people that i know who read this already know his last name, so it doesn't matter) in the pocket and i said how Owen's name is the coolest because it sounds fun. Like Oh Canada or something. And we talked about the O-(first four letters of Owen's last name) as well. So then we got in line and we were standing with Ben, Bellami's brother, and Mie Mie came over with a bag of puppy chow (not dog food, the chex mix/chocolate/peanut butter yummy stuff) and we asked her who numbers 1 and 2 were in her list and she said Zach was 1 and Manuel was 2. So those are the people Owen needs to kill off. Then we started eating the puppy chow and got really really hyper and Annie put the bag inside the jacket and said "Next time you want some more, you're going to have to ask for the breast candy!" and so i did. My stomach has been killing me. I did too many crunches and other exercises way too fast and now my stomach, arms and legs are sore. My back too. But my stomach hurts the worst, so everytime I laughed it felt like someone was running me through with a kitchen knife. And i was laughing a lot, but it was all just so funny! I kept ending up with a bunch of white powder on my face and Annie and Ben were telling me that I looked like a crack addict. Then we were at the table and Annie declared today "The Day of Owen and Crack" because all of lunch was centered around jokes about that. I'm sure Owen will feel either very special after reading this, or very sad to know us. Later, Annie ran up to Zack (not blond, theatre Zach. short, weird Zack. The difference is in the last letter) and hugged him and screamed "Mother!!!" and it was laughs-a-plenty.Then I finally figured out how the 'Owen' on Owen's jacket could be read as 'Queen' and Annie was like 'Oh! Oh! I'm changing my MSN name to Queen Owen! And you have to be 'Lord Crack Addict!"(i don't really like my name...i want a new one...but no! I dont get to wear other people's jackets!..except that i did wear owen's jacket the other day in the morning...but i still don't like my name!!!) and we decided that Owen's name should be 'Princess O-(first four letters of owen's last name)'. And that was lunch. The rest of English was boring and stupid.

Ok, I'm in Geometry now. Mr. Larson is talking about the warm up and I'm a-write-writin' my happy little brains away. I saw Owen in the hall and told him that he has to be the princess. I don't think that he wanted to be Princess. We were going to make him Lady, but we already had a Queen and it wouldn't work. Maybe we should make him Sir Annie of Merk. He might be happier being a man. Oh! Oh! It's lecture time! Right on schedule! The class is getting scolded! But hey! I was excluded from it! He said "If I see Jenny over here writing notes then I'm not going to say anything because she gets her work done." except that I copied off of Kelsi this morning...hmm...Whatever! My hair feels icky. All tangled and yuck. This is going to take forever to type. Well, I have to go work on this math stuff so, this is the end of my day. Thank you for your time. Don't mind me sneaking out your window with all your valuables and your first born! Byes!

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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Ok, I feel like I need to explain my fear of water and fish some more. It's not that I'm afraid of fish. I really like fish, especially fish like tang and clown fish and damsel fish (those are some of the fish in my aquarium thingy), I just don't like being in dark murky water, surrounded by them, especially if they're ugly green fish. And bigger than my fore arm. Our just bigger than my hand. I like being near small fish, once again, like tang, clown fish or damsel fish, except damsel fish are mean, very territorial, if you get to close to their home they'll try to eat your fingers... It's pretty funny. So yeah, not afriad of fish, just afraid of being in the water with them, and other things. I'm afraid of water plants too, if they touch me while i'm in the water, i'll scream. It's pretty funny.

Moving on! This morning I ate four cupcake things for breakfast...i am so unhealthy...actually, i was doing some of the dry land excerises (don't ask why they call it dry land, i know it sounds dumb, i didn't pick the name) that we did when coach ray was here for the first time in...lets see....7 months. and it's only 6 months because i did them one day at church camp because it was crafts time and i didn't want to do the crafts and sarah's gameboy batteries ran out (of course she didn't think to bring extras, silly blond little michiganer!) and i had nothing to do. Oh no, it was sports time and i dont like sports. At all. Swimming and kung Fu don't count. (Oh! I got the kung fu/tai chi sign up thing! yay! happy days!) and that was the only day i had done them in the past two years. But they're really good exercises. We did all the streches, then we'd do 30 or 40 crunches, then some other exercise, then 10 or 15 push ups, then some other exercise, then back to crunches, Exercise, Push Ups, Exercise, Cruches, and so on and so forth, so we'd end up doing at least 50 or 60 push ups a day and i dont know how many crunches. A lot. But i was on my last set of push ups and suddenly this muscle on my arm started feeling like it was about to rip apart and i couldn't do anymore, not because i was out of energy, but because i didn't want to hurt the little muscle thing. It's a little tiny area on my arm, but it's been killing me all day. It's horrible. I don't think i'll be able to do any arm using exercises today...

Wow, i am totally off of my original topic! Sorry, I'm a professional rambler. I even ramble when i think. It's sad. Anyways, so, where was i? this morning! yes! well, i spent this morning with Owen and Sam. I've been spending all the mornings of this week with Owen and other people. We dug through my wallet and Owen's wallet, and his jacket pockets as well. We had a sub in german, she was really nice. She made up a bonus question on our quiz for us. A really easy one, it was great. IPC and Multimedia were uneventful. In theatre I wandered around. I stood in a group with Callan and Ben for a bit, then Zach came over and Callan and him started talking about Final Fantasy and singing some song, and Ben and i made a club for people who didn't know what the hell they were talking about. I've only played the very beginning of Final Fantasy 10.

I can't believe how shy i am. It's pathetic really. I know i didn't use to be this shy. I would have to ask amanda about that...but then again, i haven't actually had a conversation with Amanda for 5 or 6 months. She's totally gone. Off away to her pot head friends. Well, i hope she gets totally screwed over and loses everything so she can get it through her thick head how stupid she's being. You'd think getting arrested would have knocked some sense into her, but no. I hate to be bitter, but she needs it. Anyways, enough of that, i lost my place again. Oh yeah, theatre. Zach is a whole hell of a lot more intimidating when your not lying in his lap on a dark bus getting a massage. He's the most intimidating person in that class. I watched Phillip and Seth block their duet, it's this really funny duet about a super religious guy with a tooth ache and a dentist's assitant, and there's screaming and crawling and falling down and singing and pray and it's more fun than a barrel of monkeys....That reminds me, which is more fun? A barrel of monkeys or a pillow fight? I would think a pillow fight because i sure wouldn't want a bunch of crazy, noisy monkeys in a barrel.

So the bell rang, i got on my bus. A couple of people were making out in the seat across from me... God i hate that bus...I can't wait until next year when i can drive...that is if i ever get around to finishing the driving book and taking the permit test thing. So that was my day. The End. I can't think of anything more to tell you people. I'm surpirsed you actually still read this crap...weirdos...just kidding. Well, I'm off to go do something or other. Jake's gonna come over today some time. I don't know what we'll do. Maybe pick up were we left off watching Buffy. Just so everyone knows, BtVS=Buffy the Vampire Slayer and AtS=Angel the Show (the title of the show is just Angel, but AtS used to keep from being confused when some one is talking about the show in general, and not just the leading character, Angel). Other than watching BtVS there really isn't anything else interesting for us to do. We could play gamecube, but that gets boring after half an hour, considering how many times we've already played the games. Well, I'm done for now, byebyes!
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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I was just cleaning my room and I found a bunch of my swim stuff lying around. My sweds (googles) my cap and my anti-green hair shampoo (the chlorine'll do that to your hair, really, it's gross). And i realized how much of a burn out I am. Please understand that I don't usually complain to people about my problems, I don't like doing that, but this is my little online journal, so I'm not complaining to you, you just choose to read about my complaining. I'm not a pity whore, really. But anyways, I realized how much of a burn out i am. Now that i quit swimming, it's like I'm lacking something. I loved swimming, really I did, it was just going there, to practice, i hated it. It was like a ghost of something that once was. Everyone who had been there a year ago was gone except for Tim, and he didn't even talk to me anymore. It was like I had abandoned them in leaving for a break, and now they're paying me back for it. So all i did the whole time was swim back and forth and back and forth and pretended to not exist. I didn't fit with these new people. But that wasn't where the problem with swimming had started. Now we're going back to the Coach Ray story. He was the best coach anyone could ever ask for. Not only was he great in teaching swimming (he had coached a couple people who ended up in the Olmpics), but he also taught life in someways. You could go to him with anything and it was graunteed that he would do anything in his power to help you. So i started coming to practice everyday instead of just the 3 maybe 4 times a week. I would go to the morning practices even, and i HATE morning practice. The worst feeling ever is waking up at 5:30 in the morning and jumping into a cold outdoor swimming pool full of dead bug bodies. But i did it anyways. Ray had this feeling about him that just spread to everyone on the team and we were bonded together by it. Like a great big family of people who love water. Actually, i find it kind of funny that I've been swimming for 9 years (minus the one i had my break during) and i love swimming and the water and everything, but one of my greatest fears is being in open, deep water that i can't see through. It doesn't even have to be that deep. If it comes up to my chest. i get scared out of my mind. There's actually a pretty funny story that goes along with that, but i'll save that for the end of the post. Anyways, It was really good, I was getting strong (i hate feeling weak or frail) and i was really getting fast and i was feeling really good, always in a good mood. And then one day i come to practice, and I'm all happy and stuff, jumping around, ready to get in the pool, and Ella comes over to me and says "Ray is moving to Vermont." He was leaving us. My heart sank. In the last few weeks that he was here we had coaches coming to our practices, seeing if they wanted to take over for Ray. We ended up with Bonser, who was absolutly horrible. So about 3 weeks into that, i started coming less, started getting out of the pool for "bathroom breaks" which was basically, going and sitting in the locker room until i think the set is done. Then we got switched over to Amy and i started getting out of the pool even more often, complaining about headachs or feeling sick. I guess you could blame it on 8th grade, what was the name i gave that year? Year of Gloom and Doom and Lots of Funny Notes To Annie? something like that, i'll have to look back in the archive things. So i quit for a while. I wasn't helping the team. I wasn't "living up to my potential" so yeah, i quit, i had lost my drive to come to practice and actually try when coach left. So when i came back, it was still the same. No drive. Plus, I was all weak and out of shape from lack of exercise, so I was way behind everyone, Instead of being in the fast juniors lane, i was just in the moderately good juniors lane (junior was the highest rank we they had, all the seniors had left) and if i hadn't quit and coach hadn't left, i would have been in the seniors lane by now. But no such luck. Nope, not for me. Like I said. Screwed for life. I should make that the new title of this, i've become to acttached to "That's The Dance of One Brave Little Toaster..." But just be aware that "Screwed For Life" Is the subtitle. I'll put that in the template somewhere. Anyways, I realized that i wasn't going to get my drive back by having my mom yell at me to go to practice, so i quit it. There was no way i could get that back. So i was digging through stuff in my room and i found my sweds and my new goggles that i used the post-8th grade swimming. And it was kind of symbolic. I dont really want to explain. It's stupid and pointless for me to be regreting it. I quit and it's done with, end of story. I found my old swim sweater too. The one i only wore to meets pre-8th grade. More symbolism. Made me sad. Stupid. Pointless. Blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. Dont i owe you people a story about me and my paranoia? Ok, so i go to this church camp every year with Sarah, Lisa Angela and Julie, mainly because the force me to promise them that i'll go the next year everytime we go. I really don't fit there, but it's ok. Anyways, they always end up getting me to swim in the stupid river that normally has pretty clear water, but when there's a bunch of little campers swimming around in it, you can't see through it at all. So they half drag me down to the river and half push me into the water saying things like "Don't worry! there's no fish or anything in here! just little minnows!" it's not so much the fact that there are fish, just the thought of something i can't see swimming by me without me being aware. So I half swim around, and half cling to lisa or angela and eventually i get kind of comfortable, comfortable enough that i can go out in the deep part (which is only about 7 feet deep) and stand on the little rock island we created and cling to Angela while Lisa swims around underwater with our only pair of goggles, finding ways to place rocks to build our little 1 1/2 foot tall island big enough so that we can all stand on it and play. Then it comes my turn to do the swimming with the goggles and the building and i'm all excited because i wanna play too, and i grab the goggles from Lisa and put them on and i start swimming around down there while Angela and Lisa stand on the small space that is the island and i'm putting up my rocks, having myself a grand old time when i'm putting this one rock into place and i look up and see this foot long slime green fish floating about 2 feet away from me, and i shriek, the fish turns and swims away, but I'm already scared out of my mind. I burst out of the water, and jump on to Lisa and I'm all in a ball in her arms, nearly drowning her and I'm screaming "FISH!! FISH!!! BIG SCARY UGLY FISH!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!! FIIIIIIIIIIIIIISH!!!!!!!!!" and lisa and angela have to swim next me my whole way back to the bank and protect me from the fish. It was sad and pathetic, but it still scares me. All well. I'm weird, and i have to go now, i didn't spell check again so excuse all errors. Byebye!
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Annie won a huge 5 pound bar of Herseys chocolate and i got a chunk of it and now i'm on a chocolate high! I've gotta read my driver's handbook book thing soon. Gotta learn how to drive...ya know. I finally remembered to ask zach about the kung fu/tai chi stuff, he's going to bring me the sign up thing tomorrow if he can. My mood just went from Hyper to bleh really fast...hmph. I've got a bunch of homework but i really dont want to do it. I wont be able to concentrate on it when i'm like this. Stupid A.D.D. I was taken off my medicine last year but it's still really hard to concentrate on things. My posts have gotten less and less interesting now that I'm not all depressed anymore. Just goes toward my theory that when there's not problems, things get boring. As soon as i came home today i went and took a shower...not sure why though. Annie got a new skin on her blog. It's really cool...can't think of anything else that's interesting. A lot of people were talking about college today...i kind of think i'm screwed for life as far as careers go. I dont enjoy anything i'm good at and everything i enjoy i suck at. All of this was said in previous posts. Ok, i'm done know, i didn't bother spell checking so excuse the typos.
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Monday, December 01, 2003

help me think of nicknames!!
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AMY FIXED MY COMMENTS!!! Amy is just spiff-i-fy-ing my whole site! i just provide the information, but she makes it cool!!! Everyone, the next time you see Amy, give her a big hug and say "Thank you for spiff-i-fy-ing jenny's blog!!!" So everyone has to use my comments now, but don't forget about the chatterbox either! My mom says that i can only be on the internet for one more hour, which is until 7, because it's rotting my brains...piffle! I have no brains to rot! (they all seeped out of my ears after watching too much BtVS) BLAST!!!! I forgot to ask Zach about the kung fu stuff! Arg! i need to get that information from him soon so that i can start having something to do after school! growl. well, i must flee now, may you all have nice evenings, because i won't. Toodles Noodles! Tschus!
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I was just searching the zelda sites and i was looking at this really spiffy fanart and i realized that Link has about 3 girls following him around in every game! In Ocarina of time, there was Saria, Malon, that fish girl. And there's Zelda in every game. In the windfish one there was Marin. In Wind Waker there's the pirate girl and the bird girl and if there's not Zelda in there i'm gonna ax murder someone! That's crazy!!! Hey! look at this site!

look at the pimpness!

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I just did a yahoo search for 'irony and microwaves+blog" and MY site came up! that is super spiffy!!! I'm in multimedia right now and our teacher left to go to a meeting and I'm not doing anything so i shall blog blog away!!! wahoo! Today is trench coat day, Owen, Annie, Ross, Sarah and I are all wearing trench coats and it's fun! Wee! I have to go to the dentist's at 2:30 today to get my braces messed with. I hope they just take them off. They're really getting annoying. I found a super cool Zelda site that i'm going to make a link (ha! link! it's funny because on zelda his name is link! ahahaha!....yeah, i'm a dork) to it on my this page. Well i must flee. Laters!
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