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Name - Jenny
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Age - 18. That's right. I can buy pr0n, cigarettes, vote, and get legally executed! PIMP.
Country - USA. Woot. *waves flag*
Likes - Martial Arts. Yum.
Dislikes - I don't like dieing. It's a bit uncomfortable and it kinda tickles.
Watching - Advent Children... Why am I not that awesome?
Reading - Hanakimi
Playing - WoW, Dirge of Cerberus, FFVII
Listening - my fan creaking as it spins
Eating - frosted tree-shaped pretzels
Drinking - BAWLS!
Singing - Various RENT songs...
Mood - *gnaws on stapler* Guess.



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Sunday, November 30, 2003

And my squawkbox comments continue to not work....meanies...

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Amy's gonna make my site all pretty!!! Yay!!! I love you Amy! *hugs!!!*

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Jenny :~: 6:37 PM |

Saturday, November 29, 2003

ooooh CRAP! It's a week until the uil tournament in Bay City and Dylan and I signed up for a duet, except we don't have one! We won't be able to find one, cut it and memorize it in 1 week! crap crap crap crap crap! Ok, Jenny's panicing now....Is it already too late to cancel signing up? If anyone out there knows, please! For the love of God! Tell me! HEEEEEEEELP MEEEEE!!!! PLEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny :~: 1:03 PM |

Nobody's online. Owen went to go be with his family, which is fine. That's what you're supposed to do on holidays. Annie's not online....hmm..I'll have to beat her later. Amy is, but our conversation died at "hiya". I found my nifty Fare Thee Well picture and I really want to put it on the site, but I don't know how...damn, that sucks. Today is just...bleh. I had a weird dream today. There was Owen with MSN and Annie with an ax, and Zach with Final Fantasy and Callan with a crystal ball....weird, but fun. I looked Polish yesterday. I looked like Asia (my Polish cousin, sister of Ania, daughter of Basia). Today I just look like boring old me. Bleh. That the mood of today. Bleh. I hate braces. They're ripping up the inside of my mouth. I'm gonna have to start doing push ups again. Zach said they do 50 at the being of class everyday in kung fu. If they did them all spread out, like 15 at a time then I'd be able to handle that but all at once? No. I'm going to fail and die. And it's going to be sad. I can't believe Rachel can do that every day. She must be super strong. I have lost all muscles that I used to have from swim practice way back when, when coach Ray was still here. God it sucks that he left! If he was still here I would still be in swimming! And I'd be kicking ass too! But no. We had to get switched to Bonsor, then to Amy (not Amy Kelley, other Amy, old 25 year old Amy). Then to Mrs. Slingerland. That sucked. I hate being so weak and frail like this. My arms are so thin, it's like I'm sick or something. Today is just...depressing. I hope Jake doesn't get mad that I'm being all sad. He hates it when I'm sad. I better have time to beat Zelda before I have to turn it in. I'm gonna go play. I'll be back later. Wish me well.
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Jenny :~: 12:04 PM |

Friday, November 28, 2003

So, i just had pizza. Dominos pizza, good stuff. I got past that one thing on Zelda and now I'm all happy! I can't figure out how to make the stupid rainbow on MSN without using the button thing! Gah! That's not cool. Where did ross go? i haven't heard from him in a while...hmmm....well I can't think of anything else. Wow, that's a first...hmm...byebye
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Jenny :~: 6:15 PM |

Today is very boring. I woke up, ate a pancake covered in chocolatechips, played Zelda, got bored, got online and sat for a couple of hours. Very boring. I'm going to eat all the left over stuffing in a minute. And the mashed potatoes too. I love mashed potatoes! I put a chatterbox on Annie's site today, seeing as I'm on her team and all. Quizilla hates me. None of the links work and it makes me sad :(. Well, I think this post is just about boring everyone to tears so I'm off to eat stuffing. Wish me well. Tah!
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Jenny :~: 1:28 PM |

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Soooo.....Thanksgiving......yeah. It's ok. Did you know that there's a wine called "Fat Bastard"? That's pretty fun.
For anyone who has ever seen the buffy episode that has the new title of my site on it: No, it does not mean that I'm drunk. It has no deeper meaning, unlike Annie's title, it's merely a silly little name that I like a lot. So....bleh! My gamecube has been taken over by my brother and my boyfriend.....or my brother and my boyfriend have been taken over by my gamecube...either way it means that I now have nothing to do but watch them shoot each other and that gets preeeetty boring after an hour and a half. I have to beat Zelda: Wind Waker in the next 2 weeks, just like I did with Ocarina of Time when we first rented it. I really like Wind Waker, the only thing I don't like so much is the animation is kind of corny (but fun) and the character isn't the Link from the other games. I hope they make another one with the real Link. I found Zelda fanfic the other day. That was pretty funny. This holiday has been pretty fun. Or lazy I guess would be the word. Danny (my brother) is back so that makes things kinda interesting. I have someone to bicker with now. And some one to talk gangsta with. The turkey made me really tired. No one's online to talk to. I was talking to Amy, but then the conversation died. It says the Sarah and Owen are both away. Owen went to go watch Finding Nemo. I never did play that game I got with the Finding Nemo DVD...I will later. Too lazy now. All I want to do is play Zelda but noooo, Jake and Danny have to steal my gamecube with their stupid Ghost Recon game, which isn't all that bad, I like it, but it gets old after a while, or, considering theres only up to 2 players, watching it gets old after a while. I suppose watching Zelda does too, but you'd think after 3 hours of them playing Ghost Recon I'd get a turn. Yeah, you'd think, but you'd be wrong. So here I am, blogging my little brains away. I want to go check out the Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes but I never got all the information about it from Zach written down so that kinda sucks. Owen was telling me about a place that has jujitsu which is really cool. Jujitsu's my favorite. But I really want to do Tai Chi too. So I guess I shall continue sitting on my bum until Monday rolls around and I check with Zach again. They got to playing reruns of Angel on the WB and now I have to naw on my nails thinking about what will happen next in the Angel saga. Wahoo. If you hit the spacebar hard enough it makes this really cool noise. I like it at least. I have absolutely nothing to do tomorrow. I think Jake is coming over, but maybe not. Probably not. I want to go see a movie, but all my money is either going towards the BtVS s5 DVDs or paying off the festival of the thespians. I missed the Macy's Day Parade. Normally on Thanksgiving morning I wake up and wander through the kitchen singing Greenday's "Macy's Day Parade" while I watch the little balloons and floats go by on the television. But no. Not this year. I slept in too late. I've got the hickups. Growl. I don't like the hickups...Gah! They won't go away!!! Fine. I'm going to go search the web for random things. Laters. (> ")>

Jenny :~: 8:33 PM |


The day started out with us being awakened by Mrs.Christman, and we bumbled around for a while and ended up waiting outside for the bus driver. Annie and Manuel (and Dylan on occasion) sang a lovely tune, in which they repeated "we're waiting for the bus driver" a bunch of times. The bus ride there was pretty uneventful aside from me asking Jeff for chapstick. When we got there, we all went to the auditorium to watch 'Into The Woods'. I walked there with Owen and Callan and Annie and such. I discovered that Owen is the perfect height for me to put my arm on his shoulders. On the way up the hill, everyone hugged Zach and sang Happy Birthday to him, seeing as it was his birthday and all. When we got in the theatre, we all went up to the top row, like we had been during 'Ragtime' except I brought Owen up there with me. Zach was on his way up, and then he looked at Owen, and then he went back down. I guess he didn't want to come up there with Owen up there. He didn't talk to me for the rest of the day, which made me sad, but I got to spend the rest of the day with Owen and it was really fun, so it's all good.
During the play, I cuddled with Owen and we tried to see around this one guy's head, at intermission we changed seats to see better and when it started back up, Annie and Callan kept popping their heads up behind me and I'd either pet them or bite them. Jeff sat in the seat next to me that wasn't occupied by an Owen. After the play, we all went to the place where we were doing freeze improv before and tried to do it again, but it kinda died. So we stood around and when lunch time came, we went to lunch. Owen had his yellow cape thing on and I had my trench coat thing on and we billowed and it was fun. I forget what it was that we had for was too long ago...Well anyways, after lunch, we went to see Rumplestiltskin (I know that's not spelled right, shut up) performed by the school for the deaf.
All through out that, I sat by Owen and stole Matt's Techie hat and cuddled. There was lots of cuddling on Saturday. It was a really great play! Wonderful! I loved it. When it was over, I didn't know where to go so I asked Owen if I could follow him to the Director's workshop and he said "yeah, sure" so I went to that. Before it started, Owen told me about Epiedious (sorry about the slaughtering of the spelling) but we only got to part of it then had to stop because the workshop started. It was a really great workshop, if I was actually a director, I would have felt very…hmm…enlightened…or something to that effect. It was really good though.
So after the workshop, we all loaded onto the bus, then we headed back to the hotel because some people forgot some stuff and originally Owen was in the back with me, and then something happened and he was in the front, talking to Mr. White for a really long time so Dylan, Matt, Callan and I were all in the back seats, with our head phones on, either banging our heads, singing, dancing or some combination of all three, and we were all listening to our music (it’s so funny to watch Dylan rock out because he gets so into it and it’s great, he’s so fun) and I did that number for a while, and then, Owen somehow ended up in the back, in the seat in front of me, but still talking to some other people, so I continued with listening to my music (Matt’s music actually, I never did give that CD back to him…) until Owen turned around and said something to me, then I took my head phones off and talked to him and some how, I don’t rightly recall the actual way things went about, I ended up cuddling with Owen in his seat. That whole day was full of cuddling with Owen. Owen’s a fun person to cuddle with, and a really fun person to spend the day with. We talked for a really long time about various things. Somewhere along the way, I told him about the Jake Situation. (by the by, I told Annie and Callan too, that night after Ross and Owen left our room). I talked to Owen a lot more than I talked to Zach. With Zach, it was like, every now and then we said something, but with Owen there was a constant sonversation, except for when he was asleep. It's very hard to hold a conversation with a some one who's asleep. It tends to be a bit one sided.
So eventually we stopped at Braum’s/IHOP for dinner. Owen bought me ice cream. It was really nice of him. Annie spilt my drink. I wasn’t mad at all. That sort of thing doesn’t get me mad, but I made fun of her anyways, she knows I love ‘er! *hugs!* After we ate, Matt, Owen, Callan and I went and played in the very small play place and it was so incredibly fun! Laughs-a-plenty! All it the play place consisted of was a slide and something that would be a slide, but had sections cut out of it and replaced with climbing implements that led up to the slide. Oh, and a tunnel that led to a big room that probably used to be one of those pens filled with plastic balls, but was now filled with nothing. So we were climbing all around in that thing (seeing as it had no sign that said “Must be such and such age or younger to play”) and Matt was climbing on the outside and Jeff was sliding down the slide head first and I tried to copy him, but I ended up hurting my hip. Owen and I ran our knees into each other at some point in time and he kissed my knee and I kissed his (later on he ended up kissing my cheek and my nose...I don't rightly remember the reason though...), then we did the 3 Musketeers fake-kiss and it was funny. Then we went down the slide together and almost died, Owen hurt his arm, then there was something with me climbing over Owen in the slide, and Owen being held by Jeff and it was just funny. Like I said, Laughs-a-plenty!
So then we got back on the bus and cuddled some more. We talked for a really long time and every now and again Callan would end up on top of us and there wasn’t any personification game but I had just as much fun, perhaps even more with Owen. He’s super cool (as Ross and I have proclaimed). I don’t remember specific events anymore because of the it not happening yesterday, but eventually Owen fell asleep in my lap. Ross and Jeff were making fun of me because I was sleeping sitting straight up. At one point in time, I got cold and Jeff gave me his blanket and I was trying to get it around me without waking up Owen, but failed. He’s really funny when he’s sleepy, as most people are. He’s very incoherent, but not as incoherent as Callan talking in her sleep. So he said a few things that didn’t quite make sense, then fell back to sleep. He woke up again later…and there was something about Christmas…anyways, we had all been singing the South Park Mormon song when Owen was waking up and since his room had been the only room that didn’t watch south park Friday night, he had no idea what we were doing, and the tune was stuck in my head so I kept singing in, and it got annoying so I had to stop. Later he got the Indiana Jones theme song stuck in my head. So we used Jeff's blanket as a force field type thing and cuddled in it. Later I wanted some of my drink (oh yeah! We had stopped at a gas station somewhere along the way and I got a Dr. Pepper and Owen and I went down the stair case that nobody else was using.) so I took it out, but it was really bumpy so I couldn’t drink any of it, and I couldn’t find another place to put it so I threw it on Ross who was sleeping on the seat across from us and he kinda twitched and then fell back asleep. Later, Owen and I ran out of positions to cuddle in and decided to just jump on Ross, so we did just that, and he sat up and we slid to the sides of the seat and he made a weird noise and fell asleep again. Ross is another funny sleepy person. So we cuddled there, then we tried to cuddle on the floor, but it didn’t work, then we arrived at the school. Everybody got out and people started going home. I said bye to Owen and thanked him for spending the day with me. More people left. Annie left. Phillip was running around. Jeff had to chase his brother all around the campus, it was pretty funny, and then my dad came and took me home and I went beddy bye as soon as I got there.

~*And Thus Ends My Trip With All The Crazy People*~

Now I must go eat turkey, then play gamecube, then get sleepy and pass out. Toodles Noodles! (> “)>

Jenny :~: 6:59 PM |

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I've given up on my squawkbox comments. Don't bother trying to use them, any comments you have, post them on the chatterbox. (> ")>

Jenny :~: 12:53 PM |

Ok, now on to the DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF FRIDAY AT THESPIAN FEST! *que detailed description music (if there is such a thing)*
We woke up and went down stairs. There wasn't anything good to eat so Annie and I got an apple, took 2 bites out of it, and threw it away. So then we wandered the halls of the hotel aimlessly. Sometime during our wanderings, we got locked out of our rooms because of me and my stupidness. So we went and got another key and it was ok. Then we got on the bus and went to thespian fest. When we got there, we all went into the coliseum. I sat down between Callan and Zach with Grasshopper on the other side of Callan. We played the Tig/Tag/Tog game (if you have seen fellowship of the cast on the fellowship of the rings special dvd thing then you'll know what game I'm talking about) and we bonked each other on the head with our programs until the show opening thing started and the Radio Show started. Then everyone went to the auditorium and I sat by Ben and watched 'Black Comedy'.
Then after that we went and stood in a semi circle by the water thing in front of the coliseum and did freeze improv and it was great! Owen did this crab thing and Kat was called white trash and Phillip did a booty dance! It was so un-Phillip like and completely hilarious! Then we all got in line for lunch. In the line we played Tag except without the running. Some guy that was a candidate for the thingy was handing out forks with his name on it and people started brushing each other's hair with them. Sometime in the line, Zach spotted a girl with a Nightmare Before Christmas T-shirt and we went and told her that we loved her shirt and she got a Zach-hug. I taught Callan how to do the cool trench coat put on swing thing (she was my trench coat buddy the whole trip, as well as my bus buddy). The food was awful. The pizza almost made Callan and I sick again. But we ate part of it anyways. It was ok. After lunch I went to a workshop for improv and I learned absolutely nothing new. I guess I’m destined to always suck at improv. Of course, you can’t learn quick wittedness. All well.
So then I went to a tumbling class with Callan, Grasshopper, Jeff and Owen. Before the workshop we were throwing Owen’s Shakespeare frisbee around. He was trying to teach me how to throw it without killing some one, but failed. I was just born with the inability to throw a frisbee. I already knew all the stuff they were doing there, except for the walk over because I hate walk overs. They make me get hurt. Callan wouldn’t do any cartwheels or anything. Owen and Jeff were doing walk overs and Owen was overjoyed that he actually did one, but later on he hurt himself trying to do one. Poor Owen. Well, we left after Owen got hurt. Then Owen, Ross, and Callan went to see a play and Jeff and I met up with Kat and went to a yoga class. It was soooo relaxing! I was on a yoga high the rest of the day! So was Jeff! Jeff got lost in his happy place there and the yoga guy had to go and see if he was still with us. So we walked back to the cafeteria, ate our enchiladas, which weren’t all that bad and talked until everyone else got there. We talked about yoga and about Zach (Don’t say that he spells his name with a k because I’ve seen him spell it with an h 3 times! 1. on my shirt 2. on my shirt again 3. on the UIL thing!) being an ass. He was compared to a bug zapper. Then the others came, we ate, then we stood outside for a while, I was skipping around everywhere because I was on my yoga high and oh! I bought a hat! I’m the proud owner of a green Thesby hat. Callan has the exact same one.
There was this one guy with a pope hat and Matt and Ross kept stealing his pope hat, it was the funniest thing ever! Everyone had huddled around the flag big things that had all the flag poles on them. Annie and Phillip were on the top level with each other. I was talking to Ross and Jeff and Dylan and Zach and I’m not sure if Owen was there or not because I was talking to him at some point, then he went away. No, he was there, because on the way up I was walking with him and Callan and Zach and Dylan and Ross and Jeff. There was this thing with a ballon Zach had and certain male parts and it popped and was incredibly funny. We were the last group to go up there. I ended up being Zach’s Catholic-Drama buddy as well…oh yeah, we were having a conversation about funny words and I mentioned tabernackle and there was a conversation about that and it ended up with “Oh, you’re an altar girl?!” and yeah. So Owen had his Shakespeare frisbee, it turns out Zach throws almost as bad as I do, and on the way up there he was throwing it to people. I caught it once out of 3 times I think.
When we got into the theatre, Callan, Ross, Zach and I went and sat on the very top row and watched Ragtime, which was a really good musical, I loved it, it was great. Then we went back to the hotel and I got carried around the halls by Owen. I’m not sure how I started out in his arms but I was standing in the hall and the next thing I knew I was being carried by an Owen. First we went over to Phillip, Matt, Ross and his room because Annie wanted me to see their super comfy couch and I sat in Owen’s lap on the couch and Annie laid on the couch and then Owen was like “I have yet to see Manuel’s room” so he carried me over there, then carried me back to our room and Annie, Callan and I decided to go back to their room after lights out, so Owen gave us one of his keys to the room and we waited until 12 to go over there, and only Callan and I went because Annie wasn’t feeling all that good and we were supposed to bring them back to our room, but we ended up with Owen sitting in my lap, Callan sitting in Ross’s lap and Matt laying on the floor and Phillip asleep on the bed and we were all talking for a while, then Annie came in later and we all sat for a while, then we went over to our room because it was farther away from Mr. White’s room, which was right across the hall from their room. Owen laid down in my bed with me and Annie sat up talking to us, while Callan and Ross were under the covers on her bed and at some points in time, on top of each other, and we decided the rules for not having sex were 1. Hands must be visible and 2. Must be wearing pants and we decided that they were having sex because we couldn’t see if they had pants on because of the covers and they only responded once when we shouted “We can’t see your hands!” So we had fun that night. Annie was sad that Phillip was all sleepy and she had no one to cuddle with. Owen and I cuddled but not like Grasshopper and Callan cuddled, they were all over each other. Before they left I beat him for un-innocenting Callan. They left sometime between 1:30 and 2. And we went to sleep around 3 that night. Callan was talking in her sleep and making no sense what so ever! She was saying completely obscure things and none of the words in her sentences made sense with each other! The only thing that made sense was at the end when she said “ Oh, you don’t get it? Nevermind.” And then she was silent for the rest of the night. But it was hilarious! Well, Thus ended Friday. I’ll write about Saturday (The Day of the Owenness) later. Byebyes! (> “)>

Jenny :~: 11:59 AM |

Monday, November 24, 2003

First order of business. You may or may not have already read this on the chatterbox thingy, but everything is good with Jake and I now. Yay! We had a long talk and we worked it out, then played Zelda. There are some new conditions to the relationship that we both thought were best, not bad conditions, just better ones that would keep us together longer. If you want the whole explaination (that isn't spelled right is it...) of it then talk to me on msn or something. I suck at keeping secrets that are about me. I'm great at keeping secrets about other people but if I'm supposed to keep something a secret like, for example, the thing with Jake and I, then I get all peer pressured and I tell everyone. Oh, that's sad. I ended up spilling my guts to Ross, Callan, Annie, and Owen and Jake said "Tell NO ONE! Not even Annie." I apologized to Jake for that though. He said it was ok, because he had gotten all peer pressured and told Rachel and Frank (his real name is Matt, but we call him Frank anyways) Ok, now onto the second order of business:
Theatre is my last class on B days and we were planning to leave at 3 so we were all in the theatre having the pre-thespian fest orgy (I'm not sure if I already explained this or not, but it's not an actual orgy (silly goose!) it's the term used for laying about on each other.) I had layed (is that a word?) down on annie's fluffy green pillow with her blanket and zach had come over and layed (all well, I'm using it anyways. JUST TRY AND STOP ME!) on me and people just started piling on. My ankle was nearly broken a couple of times. I tried to get Annie to join in but she didn't. She seemed kind of sad at the beginning of the trip (oh oh oh! Annie and Phillip are together now! yay! I'm so happy for them!) but she got happier, which is good. A sad Annie is never a good thing. So anyways, we ended up going outside for a while, then the bus came and we got on it and had some difficulties and ended up leaving at 4.
On the ride up there I spilled my guts to Grasshopper about the Jake Situation (oh, capitals. That makes it important) And he let me use his pillow for the day that was aptly named 'The Ross Pillow'. Then we sat for a while and talked, then we talked to Dylan for a while. Then I ended up alone in Dylan's seat because i was trying to talk to Annie. And then I talked to Zach for a while about Nightmare Before Christmas and there was singing and such and some time when I was talking to him my back was turned toward the train tracks on the side of the road. I had no idea they were there and that there was a train on them, so you can image the noise I made when the train did the big train whistle noise thing right behind me.It scared the crap out of me.
I forget when it was that I ended up with my head in Zach's lap, getting my head massaged, but i ended up like that. I think it was sometime after we ate at Burger King (that food made some of us sick. Callan ended up throwing up at the hotel). Anyways, then the Personification Game was brought into existence. If you don't know what personification means, i can't really explian it to you because i got my definition that night from zach and i don't remember what it is, just basically the meaning and i'm not good with definitions, so here's the dictionary definition: 1 : attribution of personal qualities; especially : representation of a thing or abstraction as a person or by the human form
2 : a divinity or imaginary being representing a thing or abstraction
Ok, after reading that i remember what zach told me it was...ok, got it, anyways, We started of with just 'What is everyone the personification of' and most of mine came from Zach, seeing as i was in his lap and all i could see was the ceiling of the bus, him, callan when she came over to us and matt when he stuck his head over the seat. I was the personification of comfort, and my animal was a panther, I forgot what my food was, I was some Final Fantasy character that started with a V and I was Darth Maul in Star Wars and Arwen in Lord of The Rings according to zach. I wanted to do personifications for Zelda because i'm obsessed with it but no body but a select few knew the Zelda characters so bleh. oh, i was also Evil Vampire Willow on BtVS according to Jeff and Zach. So sometime when zach and i were changing positions, the game came to an abrupt halt. I was sitting out in the aisle and then we looked around and everyone was quiet and we were like '...ok...what happened? is the game over?'
So we layed (again with that word that isn't a word) down across two of the seats and started talking about Kung Fu and Tai Chi. It sounded really cool. I really want to take those classes. Zach said he wouldn't mind having me in the class with him, but i doubt he remembers that conversation, i'll have to see if he still doesn't mind having me there. We didn't talk much on Saturday because i was with Owen all that day. He doesn't like owen, and owen doesn't really like him so...bleh. I hope he still wants me in the class with him... Anyways Later on, i gave up my man-pillow to callan because i'd been hogging him the whole time, then i started getting all sick and i really wanted to go lay back down with them but they were all comfy and asleep together so i just curled up on the seat oppisite of them and tried to ignore all the bumps. Later we stopped at a gas station for potty breaks and food. I started feeling better after that and when we got on the bus, Erin and i put Zach to sleep in her lap by playing with his hair for an hour and a half. I talked to Erin for a long while during that, then we got to the hotel and Callan and Annie were in the room with me. Callan fell right to sleep and Annie and i stayed up talking for a couple hours. And that was the end of Thursday
I'll write about Friday later. I gotta go do clothes. byebye (> ")>

P.S. I didn't spell check this post so there are gonna be a ton of errors so if something sounds wrong, ignore it. (> ")>

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

AHHH!!!! THESPIAN FEST TOMORROW!!! THESPIAN FEST TOMORROW!!!! I'M SO HAPPY I THINK I MIGHT WET MYSELF!!!!....not's a figure of no! you're not a moron, who ever you are that's reading my bloggiddyblogblog! I love you! Read! Please! It makes me happy! Anyways, thespian fest is tomorrow and i'm so very very excitified! Tonight is a new Angel episode! YAY!!! Happy days! Happy days! I can't figure out how to fix my comments...sorry. If you know how, please please help me! Ack! My printer is possessed! It keeps doing things when i didn't tell it to! Gah!!! Ahh! Thank you, you lovely people for posting stuff on my chatterbox thing! and thank you Grasshopper!...sorry, just felt like calling you Grasshopper again, Ross. It's my new name for you. Feel special. I haven't posted in a while so i have to catch up on stuff, lets see. My prose peices are probably gonna be the only thing i can do for the Bay City tournament because i don't have time to get a solo in time to sign up for it and i doubt dylan and i will actually work on the duet so...bleh. The other day i got evidence on the 'Zach's an ass' theory that i've been hearing from everyone. Zach Kat Bellami and some other people were all in the Improv thing for this last tournament and apparently Zach did some vulgar stuff, the letter that Mr. White got said that there was groping of both guys and girls breasts and a boy's penis being chopped off. So Ryan and I asked Zach exactly what happened and he responded with "It's really not any of your business" and that doesn't really make him an ass, but it does go toward the theory, because it really is our business, because like mr.white said, what they did affected all the opinions of the other schools on us, not just them, all of us, so we deserve to know what it was that happened if it's going to affect us as well. We should be informed. I didn't bother arguing with him though because he seems like one of those people who's all "i'm right. you're wrong. your daring to challenge me offends me." So that kinda brought down my opinion of Zach, but still, everyone's got their faults. I know i do. That's why I like Phillip better. Phillip's very kind to people, not that Zach isn't, Zach seems a bit arrogant, and Phillip really isn't at all. He doesn't believe in stupid people, only ignorant people (or at least that's what annie tells me). And Owen too, he's another really nice theatre person. As Well as Jordy. And Grasshopper. (I'm sorry about you're dog ross) And Bellami. And Kat. And Manuel (my favorite gay man). Annie and i have been having conversations about gay people every lunch, because my jake and his buddies are like...the anti-gay. they can't think of any reason that someone would want to be gay and they thinks it's gross and should be illegal. I don't really care if someone's gay or not. I like gay people. Most gay people. I like Manuel. We decided that he's the manly-est gay man we know...or..atleast he's as manly as a gay man can be...Manuel is the blue fish! He said that at Johnny Carino's. He said "Oh my god! I'm the blue fish! I'm the blue fish on Finding Nemo!" It's funny! My keyboard smells funny. Don't ask my why i'm smelling my keyboard because i'm not too sure...Well i think that about sums up my experiences in the last few days. Yeah, pretty boring, i know. Oh! I taught Grasshopper the Basics of Spikedom! That's why i keep calling him Grasshopper, because i kept refering to him as Young Grasshopper. That was fun. Oh, while we're on the topic of Grasshopper, Grasshopper and i now have an island paradise! There a little emoticon on MSN that's an island paradise and we claimed it and called it Skyline Shore and ordered dominos pizza to it, THE END! (> ")>

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Monday, November 17, 2003

i get to go to thespian fest! I've got to pay my own way, but i still get to go! yay!!!! There was some stuff that happened between me and jake, but i'm sworn to secrecy. If you really want to know ask me and i'll have to swear you in and threaten to beat you to a bloody pulp with a shovel if you tell a soul. I must flee and research things though so, toodles noodles! USE MY SPIFFY FEATURES!!! (> ")>

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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Ack! I hate HTML! It's the bane of my existence!....oo...i smell a spike quote coming on...but on account of me not remember all of it, you're saved. Ross is off to a church thing for the weekend so that means that i've got all these pretty new features and no one to use them! gah! I'm gonna make a Spike website, seeing as Spike is the one thing i have the most knowledge on. I just need a really good name...hmm..i have to go think of one now....

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Friday, November 14, 2003

I just got some spiffy new features on my blog-thing! See the lovely chat thing and the lovely comments thing! Ross will probably be the only person who writes in it though, considering he's the only person that reads my babbling, as far as i know. So there are my pretty new features. They make me happy. Use them! (> ")>

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I just got some spiffy new features on my blog-thing! See the lovely chat thing and the lovely comments thing! Ross will probably be the only person who writes in it though, considering he's the only person that reads my babbling, as far as i know. So there are my pretty new features. They makes me happy. Use them! (> ")>

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this'll be a pretty short blog because i'm going to be going over to jake's in a little while. Today was ok. I wore my ren fest costume. I'm gonna wear the cloak next A day. I can't wait until thespian convention. that is if i even get to go, which i probably will, considering the beautiful grades i have and even if that doesn't convince the parents, then i'll throw some tears in and make my self look all depressed and needy of social interaction...which i kinda am, but whatever. well, i gotta go. (> ")>

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Thursday, November 13, 2003

So I'm going to be the only one wearing a ren fest costume to school tomorrow. Why, you ask...(well you probably don't really care, but just pretend you do) because everyone else's would probably violate some kind of dress code. I'm not even sure that I'm going to wear the shirt to mine. Maybe I'll bring the cloak, I probably won't. Definitely no head gear. They'd probably say that I plan on strangling a kid with the chain mail head dress....Bastards... Someone should hurt Mr. Jones. Maybe I'll throw Ella at him and run away...Yeah...I'll do that...Maybe later....Or never.... Whichever. I'll just bring the ren fest shirt and a normal shirt and get dylan's opinion on which one to wear. Today was pretty boring, like most a days are. I'm going to thespian convention next Thursday. We leave after school on Thursday, and we're up there on Friday (meaning we get to skip school legally =) (> ")> ^_^ ^( " )^) and we get home at midnight Saturday. It'll be a 12 hour bus ride up to Witchta Falls and I'll probably find myself a lonely little corner of the bus to sit in, unless Annie plans to come along. I don't really have much to talk about today. It's a gray day...I feel gray. I'm talking to Amy and kris on msn. Kris is a lot more talkative on the phone. Amy's telling me how Ross won't work on the duet. I was talking to Sam as well but he went away somewhere...There's gonna be an awesome episode of "Angel" on next week. Drusilla's gonna be there! *dawns her "I Heart Drusilla!" T-shirt* And Spike and Angel are gonna fight! *dawns her "I Heart Spike And Angel Fighting!" T-Shirt* I need to work on my UIL thing a lot. I HAVE TO have it absolutely PERFECT in time for the bay city tournament. I will allow nothing less. I will make myself have talent if it kills me. I've been doing really good with my Sir Apropos of Nothing piece because he's all bitter and sarcastic and cynical and that's pretty easy for me to do, but the holocaust piece is gonna be really hard. I just can't grasp the feeling Riva must have had while she entered Auschwitz. It must have been horrible and terrifying to enter that hell and in the first 5 minute get separated from the only family she had left. She had already watched her sister die, and her mother went away to somewhere so that Riva and her two brothers would be better off, and her dad was already gone. I can explain it all but i just can't feel it. I need some help with that from someone...i don't really want to ask someone though because i don't want them to look at me like i'm stupid or something...Maybe I'll ask Mr. White...But he's really intimidating...Maybe I'll ask Phillip, he's nice, but he's really intimidating too...No way in hell am I going to ask kat or zach. I might scream and run away before they can even open their mouths, but that's assuming that I even get the plea for help out before I become insecure and hide in a dark corner. My parents are being dumb. They think that defending my position on a topic is the same thing as back talking. So basically if I want anything in this house to go my way I have to say "Yes, sire." "Of course, sire." "If it would please you, sire." and then bow and ask for anything I want to do in such a way as "Please sire, if it would not be of inconvenience to you, may I please attend the Thespian Convention, sire? I promise to shine your royal shoes extra-shiny in the future if it would please thee, sire." Maybe they think i'm trying to backtalk because i tend to be sarcastic sometimes...ok, all the times, but i can't help that! it's just how i am. and they do the same thing to me. They act like they're God, and yes, i respect the fact that the raise me and feed me and clothe me, but i still deserve a little justice and my own voice in things, not just "Shut up! You don't have an opinion! This is how it's going to be and nothing you say will ever matter!" They refuse to think that what i say might have the slightest bit of reason in it and that this isn't a world made perfectly for them and they might just be wrong. Every time i try to discuss something with mom, she gets all mad and refuses to listen to anything and it's automatically impossible to have a reasonable conversation with her because she starts yelling at me like the fact that i've dared to have a different opinion is some great offense to her and i deserve to be punished for it and i start getting mad at her and i really try to stay calm and reasonable but for all i'm worth (which isn't all that much) i haven't been know for being the cool tempered one. (one time Mr.Barnes accused jake and josh of cutting and they had been in the line the whole time, and i got all crazy because it was such an ovious injustice and i said something to mr.barnes, but i kinda said it in a way louder, way more aggressive tone then i meant it in, and he looked at me in shock and i got told that it wasn't me in trouble and to calm down.) So i'd start yelling back and my sarcastic edge would sneek itself in there and it would just be a big fiasco, but still, they should at least lose the Holier-Than-Thou attitude and maybe we'd be able to have a debate instead of a firey agruement. Lisa Angela Sarah and i accomplish it, i dont see why they can't. I swear, if i don't get to go to thespian convention because of something so stupid as this then this will turn out just like 8th grade. completley down hill from here. I've been able to adopt a better attitude since then and they should have followed suit, but no, of course they didn't. It's always my fault with them. I'm always the one that has to apologize for being stupid and then change to make it better. I'm always the problem. Nope, it never was Danny the Golden Boy, or Dad the Almighty or Mom the Omniruler. It was always my fault for everyrthing. I'm just eternally screwed. Just like having the acting passion, but no talent, and the will to excel im classes but the misfortune to somehow always get it wrong. I've got more dedication and drive than anyone around me and i know this sounds arrogant and bitter, but this is just screwed up! This is utter bullshit! I've tried and i've overcome that stupid depression came for the most part and i did everything they told me to do and more but for some godforsaken reason i'm still stuck in the same spot. And the feeling of hoplessness and despair is still here. So now i don't know what i'm supposed to do. If no one will listen to me and no one up in the heavens will bother to give me any guidance but instead leave me standing out in the rain with nothing to protect myself except for my cute little black UIL binder and a vaccum probably didn't get that part...sorry, i'm going psycho again and i'm rambling and that's about enough for now because i'm losing control of the organized little thought gathering process and am no longer making sense. Toodles. (> ")>

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

bitterness.....lots of bitterness.....which kinda works for me cuz my character in my prose fiction reading is really bitter. People did their prose and duets for the class today and it was all so much better than what i have....damn zach and his chair-throwing, baby-killing, desperate-being, acting-really-good talents...i'm gonna end up being one of those people who lives in a smelly apartment with 26 cats and 4 degrees in career feilds that i hate. That's exactly what's going to happen to me. Forget me every getting into DePaul. That place is for people with actual talent and potential, not just people who are willing to stay around all the time, hoping something will eventually sink in. DePaul and it's little 'let-50-out-of-600-people-be-accepted-into-our-super-spiffy-ultimate-theatre-program' is for people like Zach and Phillip. Not me. If i don't have the natural talent like they do then i dont have the potential that DePaul is looking for, and you can't learn a natural talent. it's just a thing you're born with. And i wasn't. But for some reason i got stuck with the passion for it. Isn't that screwed up? Maybe God was half way through making me and then got distracted by a pretty i get to be a half-assed theatre person. well that'll do me a whole lot of good. All well. I'll continue on with my pathetic life and hope that i'll get a lucky break and a degree in a feild that i will be able to stand to be in. Well, that's enough self-pity for one day. Auf Wiedersehen! (> ")>

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I thought today was going to be boring as hell. It wasn't! It was an A day and on a days all i have is Speech, History, English and Geometry, all the boring classes. No German. No Theatre. I guess i should start at the beginning...and then when i come to the end..stop. ( is it sad that i remember those lines from Alice?) Last Tuesday, Annie was wearing this Good Charolotte jacket, (she doesn't even like good charolotte, she was just wearing it cuz she was cold) and on Wensday there was this girl, we figured out her name was Rebecca Conner, and she saw Annie with it and was all "That's my jacket! I lost it yesterday! That means you stole it!" cuz you know how they don't mass produce things anymore...yup, everything you buy is one of a kind and no one else has it, therefore it must be her jacket and annie oviously stole it!!....riiiight. So we laughed at her and walked away. And then on Thrusday, one of her friends, whom we later discover is named Ashley Speer, tracks us down, while we're walking over to Annie's truck in the parking lot, and starts yelling obsenities at us, demanding that we give the jacket back and boy that made my day! I got to yell at that girl and point out the fact that people like her raise my self-essteem because it reminds me i could be stupider....much stupider. But i stayed a respectable distance away from her....mostly for fear that if i got to close, she would attack me. Then today, after lunch, Lindsey comes up to us and tells us that all through out lunch Rebecca was going on and on about how annie stole her jacket and she was saying "Do you think i could take her?" and her friends were all "yeah, i'll back you up!" and at one point she said "You know if i just happen to hit her in the parking lot with my truck, no big loss, right?" So with all that, Annie, Lindsey and i walked ourselves down to the assistant principal's office and told Mrs. Wood all of it and that really brightened up my day! Oh i am a bitter bitter little person, but being able to skip an hour and a half of geometry AND getting to screw over one really annoying girl really made my day! Well, it turns out that she only got a warning because she was being all nice and "oh, it must just have been a coincidence." in the office and we'll probably get jumped by her and her friends later, but all well. As long as i don't hit back i'll be seen as the victim. Sure ill also be seen as the coward but do you honestly think that matters to me? No, it really doesn't. TOday was rather amusing though. It only occured to me after we were in mrs. wood's office that this wouldn't stop rebecca and her gang from bothering us. All well. Now, on to the next issue at hand. REN FEST WAS GREAT!!! I absolutely loved it! We saw Dead Bob and Arsene the clown and he threw some little kid's shoe over a wall and it was great! I bought a pretty skirt and blouse and belt thing that's all gypsy like and i'm gonna wear it on friday. =) it makes me happy! So, let's go through my day today. This morning i continually bit jake's leg. Then i went to speech. I forgot to bring in my resume, i have to do that tomorrow morning...We split up into groups and i made myself leader of our group. We traced heather and made a lawyer person. Then in history i finished A Seperate Peace and it made me sad...I MISS FINNY!!!!!!! I loved Finny! I hate John Knowles forever!or however you spell his name! i hate him!.....growl...well anyways, we were reading about the crusades (by the by, the children's crusade was a sick sad twisted thing!) and is it wrong that i find the black death incredibly funny? I think it's hilarious! There's nothing funnier than THE Plague, not just any plague, it has to be The Plague, The Black Death, The Boubonic Plague, The Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down PLAGUE!.....That or a bunch of Soviets. Soviets i find very funny as well. I can't wait till we get to them. So then i went to English and i answered some questions and the teacher looked at me like i'm an idiot like she always does. Someone should really put a tack in her chair one day. And we have to write an essay about finny and gene and how they differ. I really wanted to do Apropos and Tacit and how THEY differ, but no, it had to be people out of A Seperate Peace...Well then we went to lunch. Twas a grand lunch!...actually, it really sucked. Soy burgers, yucky salad and more french fries than you can shake a stick at (i never really got that phrase...why would you NOT be able to shake a stick at a bunch of french fries? and more so, why would you want to?). After eating, we went outside and i promtly stole Annie's shoe and lightly tapped her on the head with it...And then she kicked me really hard in the leg with her big old 3 inch heel shoe! So i started saying, "Fine! I'll just get Ella to assasinate you!" (in an earlier note i made a remark about Ella knowing jujitsu, but she doesn't, but she was made out to be an assasin in the note) then she was like "Fine! I'll get Zack to assinate you! After all, he did tell me he's an assasin!" (again with zach?! he really is involved with everything isn't he? why?...hmm...) and then i was like "Wait! No! Zach's mine! He's MY ex-harum husband!" and then there was a mad dash to the cafeteria and to the table where zach kat bellami manuel ben and jeff sit, and annie and i started screaming "Kill her! No kill her! Be MY assasin! Zach! Kill her!" and he was like ".....what?!" and then jeff started bonking Annie on the head with an empty pepsi bottle and there was screaming and then the bell rang and we ran away. And then in the hall, we were still trying to kill each other and we passed up kat, bellami, jeff, manuel and zach and we tried to get someone to kill one of us and Jeff started bonking Annie on the head, then bonking me on the head and Annie started trying to get manuel to assasinate me and i said "How come you get all the strong flippy assasins?!" and then Jeff said "I'll be your assasin!" and said "YAY!" and i got a jeff-hug and then Manuel poke-assasinated annie, but it didn't work to well because annie ignored it, and then i was talking to jeff about buffy and such and making faces at jake, and then when i turned around, zach was holding annie about a foot off the ground and she was almost falling and i took it as, 'here, i've got her, now assasinate her' so i chopped her head (no, not chopped it off, made my hand falt and hit it with not the palm, not the back, the side of my hand, like *CHOP!* like on kung fu movies) and said "Assasinate! Assasinate!" and then zach picked annie up and i got a zach-hug and while he was walking away, annie, whom was previously assasinated, started running after the assasin, in order to assasinate the assasin via bonking him on the head with the aforementioned empty pepsi bottle and i yelled "Watch out assasin!" and then i dont remamber what happened because i turned back around and continued talking about buffy and such ....i think it was about buffy...that's mostly what i talk to jeff about anyways..that and hair straighteners...well anyways, i went back to english, did vocab, the Rebecca Conner fiasco went about and the i took notes in the last 30 minutes of geometry. It turns out i'm making a 86 in math. I've got a 92 or above in all my other classes. 99 in history. 97 in German. That makes me sad. I hate math. Or geometry at least. I'm really good at algebra though... Then the bell rang. I saw Sam and Aaron in the hall on the way to the bus. Sam picked me up and did this spin thing and i ended up on the other side of him. It was fun. Good ol' Sam. I saw Ross before i got on the bus. He's smart. He's got a 98 in one class and a 99 in another and a 92 disappointed him...i wish a 92 could disappoint me...well, that was my fun filled day. Can't wait till German tomorrow. I've been thinking in german today. it's fun. ^_^ Well, i'm off to watch finding nemo! Good day sir! (> ")>

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Monday, November 10, 2003

ok, jenny's in a pondering-stupid-things mood. So here's the question of the hour: Who made up the word "blogger"? Who?! I want answers! Inquiring minds want to know! Think about it.'s a weird term!how does "blog" represent an online journal?...i guess you've got "log" in there and that would be like a ship's log or a log of something...a record or what have you. But what's with the b? what does putting the b there accomplish? How does the term capture the 'internet' aspect of a blog? GAH! Ok, i give up. It's a blog...FINE! Have it your way! I can't wait until the next play. I miss this one so much. Today was so sad. I spent the day blogging, claning, watching The Nightmare Before Christmas (because stupid zach got it stuck in my head....AGAIN!..him and his singing of claymation songs!, man claymation is scary! I mean it's down right creepy! I think i might not beable to sleep tonight because of it!...i still haven't ended mu parenthesis...hmm...) there we go! Alright boy and girls! it's time for the list of things that Jenny fears!

Things That Scare The Bah-Geezes Out Of Jenny And/Or Make Her Cringe And Go 'Eyyhhhaa!'
1. Ticks. I hate them. Their gross and they crawl on you and steal your blood. I just dont like them. HATE!
2. Claymation. Like i said before. Creepy.
3. Rejection and/or being all alone. Oh please, the answer to that is ovious.
4. Any Big Scary Monster on any movie. I'm paranoid. When i try to go to sleep at night, i imagine them creeping up on me and it makes me very scared. After i saw 'Signs' i slept with a metal baseball bat in my bed and a glass of water on my bed side table for 2 weeks...i still don't sleep without the closet light out.
5. Everyone in Mr.White's Advanced Theatre class set loose at a McDonald's playground and told 'Anything goes.' The possiblities of mass injury and/or (wow im using and/or a lot) DEATH are far too great. Imagine this, while zach and manuel race to be the first climb up the side of the rope thing, you know on the little rope-cage that has a sign, clearly stating "Do Not Climb", both of them trying to become "King of the Playground", and ACK!!! I must go sleep....this will be continued....(> ")>

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Sorry i haven't written anything in a while.I've been really busy. And for the most part pretty happy! And when i'm happy that means i'm no longer any interesting, hence the loss of all creativity when i stopped being suicidal after 8th grade. Having something to do after school made me feel good. So that means, now that it's over, and now that i'm finally leaving swim team but for good this time, i'm going to be incredibly depressed....yay! more posts! and longer posts too! So anyways, about the play. Thursday's preformance was good. Friday's was AMAZING! (and the eating afterwards at Johnny Carino's until midnight was a blast too) and Sunday sucked beyond all imagination. But being backstage was really fun. There were orgies...well, not actual orgies, more like people lounging about on each other and make suggestive comments...and the group orgasm...that was strange but incredibly funny. After our scene with Kat and Bellami, Ross and i would go to the bell room couch and squeeze in with Sam and on occasion, Freshman (Daniel), then jeff and zach and sarah and other people would come and there would be a big pile of people there. it was fun. Then on Sunday night the orgy was moved to the floor. There was Dylan, Bellami, Kat, Freshman and at some point i got pulled down between Zach and Dylan and there was some thing about me being shared as a wife (there's this whole long wife thing, first i was zach's...umm..either 14th or 13th wife, and then he divorced all his wives except for Bellami, so i went and became Dylan's 1st wife (ANgela's number 2, annie's #3 and AMy's #4) and then in the orgy on the floor they were saying something about sharing me...hmm) but every day, annie would be all sad and depressed, so i'ld pull her around on the ground, try to make her stand up, and drag her over to phillip so that her could make her happy. *random speedy subject change, because i do that* You know, it's amazing how much people pay attention and talk to you when your in a play with them and then how much they ignore you as soon as it's over. This is me being bitter again. I think there was exatcly one person that i became friends with during the play and who still talks to me now, and that would be Ross. I already was friends with Dylan outside of the play, as was i with Freshman and Phillip and Sam.Everyone else that i talked to during the play completely forgot i existed. Isn't that a nice feeling. And then at the cast party, When i was sitting on the couch, all alone, 2 people came up to me, Annie (because she's my best friend) and Carlina (because she's in my speech class and she's just nice like that) so Carlina sat with me for awhile and talked then we went upstairs to Zach's room where kat, bellami, jeff, manuel, chris (our tempermental gay man techie) ben, and a couple of other people were, and i sat down by sam. The whole time i was there, sam was the only one who talked to me, other than the random people who came in and said hi, then sat down. bless sam's little heart. It wasn't until the moment i had to leave, 11:30, that some one finally looked over at me,...who was not her....zach, yeah it was zach..hmm a lot about zach in this blog for some reason...odd..anyways, zach looked at me and he was saying something, i couldn't tell because it was way too loud and i can't read lips so i just waved bye-bye, and he goes "wait! where are you going?!" and i said i'm going home because mom thinks that i have to have sleep, even though i'll be just fine going to renfest without it. THEN everyone was all, aww, poor jenny, *hug*hug* byebye!...i'm pretty sure i already told zach that night that i'ld be leaving early...all well, i can't expect him to remember some minor little comment from someone who doesn't really matter. See, now i'm not just being bitter, now i'm straight up wallowing in self-pity. Oh i am a sad, pathetic little person. It's pretty funny actually. It makes me laugh. Now, enough about that. I am quiting swimming. I kind of don't want to because i've been in it since 2nd grade. no...i know i've been in it for 9 years and i'f i'm in 10th grade now...hmm... 1st grade! there we go. Well, it's the one thing in my life that i haven't given up on, the onething in my life that has constantly stayed the same. But dear god, i hate it with a firey passion. I quit for a year in 8th grade, and before i did, it was ok. Tim was my best buddy, we'ld always screw around and throw kickboards at each other and i knew everyoe on the team really well and they were my friends, but then i quit, and i come back, and Tim barely ever says a word to me, i don't know anyone, there's all these new people and it's incredibly ackward. The only thing that kept me there was the fact that i knew what i was doing and i wasn't the idiot who was bumbling around AND didn't have any friends. But if i join any other thing that's going to be exactly the person i will less Annie or Jake suddenly get involved in something fun and that involves physical energy, or i suddenly make a new best friend and there's involed in something fun etc. etc. OR one day, in the next week, i miraculously become best buds with Racheal or zach (again with zach? he's just involved in everything isn't he? *kicks him* go get your own blog!) and join kung fu with them, and the chance of that are slim to none, first of all, because i have seething jealously towards racheal because she's a really good friend with jake (by the by, jake and i are fine, i gave him the note, we worked it out, it made me incredibly happy...then i got depressed again..) and he can talk to her about stuff that he can't talk to me about. something about them being able to relate, having the same situation with money and life in general. And i won't even start on the non-existent chances of becoming friends with zach. (or maybe i will...) he's got his own little group of people that seem to be held above everyone else because of their talent and wit and blah blah blah and none of them seem to really care about the people around them. don't get me wrong, they're great people, kat's super-nice, bellami i've known since 7th grade, we've got our year of beautiful 7th grade p.e. and muscular beaver and EXPEDITION!!! and she's great and zach was always the one who came up and talked to me when nobody else did....though he doesn't do that anymore, like i said in the previous post, i think i'm starting to annoy him...but anyways, there no chance that i'ld end up friends with him. I don't fit with him and kat and bellami and jeff. plus, always, seething jealous towards him, because he really does have everything i wanted. He's got the gymnastics that i was in since i was 4 but for some reason that i don't remember was pulled out of, he's got the kung fu that i've been begging my mom to let me do since 2nd grade AND most of all, he's got the acting talent and the wit that i can only pray for. You can't befriend someone that you're so jealous of...well, there was that friendship with Gene and Finny and that one with Apropos and Tacit, but in both instances, the one they were jealous of ended up dead. I don't think racheal or zach would enjoy being dead. So where does all this leave me?...well, it leaves me royally screwed and farther back than i was in the first place. And with my jack ass dad, yelling at me to go do chores that can be done just as well later. Byebye. (> ")>

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